2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 consumer reviews

$29,300 starting MSRP
side view of 2021 Silverado 1500 Chevrolet
80% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.3
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.2
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First time ever owning a Chevy and already it.

So I'm a Ford guy and after 25yrs I finally decide to try a Chevy. I really liked the looks of the new body style Silversdo and the price was pretty good ( actually better) compared to the F150 with the same options. So I get a new 2021 Silverado 5.3l 4x4 RST . Three months and 5500 miles later the engine goes belly up. Collapse lifters, bent pushrods and bent rocker arms. Then taking it to the dealership was the worst experience ever but that's a different story. Should have done some homework on any issues with these new trucks. Come to find out the "DFM" Chevy put on these trucks has a horrible design flaw. Look online before you buy because there is quite a bit of people complaining about the same issue. The DFM basically "turns off" lifters so the engine will use less cylinders to save on gas.. so like it's running on only 6 cylinders instead of the 8.. only problem is the lifters aren't really designed for that so they eventually fail. I plan to get a DFM disabled so that the engine will constantly run on all 8 cylinders. And if you already have one of these trucks or know someone that has one.. look into a DFM disabler. I'll see how this works out for the next few years and may be going back to Ford. Now all that being said I do know every manufacturer has problems but this is a pretty serious issue and should be dealt with, eliminate the DFM on future trucks and have a recall to eliminate it from trucks that already have it.


I expected more from CHEVY

I love my truck!! let me say that 1st but, as of this week I have only had my truck sents March 22nd just made the 2nd payment , the day after that my TRANSMISSION went with out WARNING!!! seriously GM still hasn’t fixed the 8 speed issue at all! I’m currently stuck in a loaner car! Upset over 59 thousand spent on a truck with 6,680 miles on it to leave me stranded at a Sams club!?! Again NO WARNING!! Parked went in came out started my truck put it in drive RPMS went up I went no where ! Put it in reverse RPMS went up I went no where ! Had to call a tow truck!!!! Again I expected more from Chevy !! This is my 1st brand new vehicle and I’m Chevy loyal !! But this makes me wonder WTH!!! The infotainment system is buggy as well black screen issues on the 10 inch screen but that’s minor again compared to the current issue I have , so they are tearing down my transmission as we speak ! Maybe I got unlucky but I am now worried how many times this will happen and what if I’m way out if town !!!!


Love My Chevy Silverado Diesel

I bought this truck to replace a 2020 Ford XLT with a 3.3 cylinder. Gas mileage was less than stellar. And the towing capacity was a disappointment. The Chevy with a the 3.0 liter turbo diesel is very impressive. Feels very strong and is quite quick. I love the styling of the vehicle inside and out. The steering is much more nimble than the Ford's. It's also very comfortable and rides better. Took it for a trip and nearly got 580 miles out of it before I refilled the tank. It came out to be nearly 28 miles to the gallon or 27.9 to be exact.


P12a6 code at 350 miles

Wasn’t expecting a check engine light at 350 miles and 2 trips to the dealership. Ain’t heard from the dealer yet as to what the repairs Fiona be.


Would not purchase again

Styling is great and rides good. I get complements about it’s looks all the time. The 8 speed auto transmission is clunky shifting from 1st to 2nd Just like my old 2500HD. The MPG falls about 25-30% less than the EPA estimates and I’m a super conservative driver. Most of the interior controls are hard to see especially at night and the Auto Stop feature is hassle that can’t be turned off permanently without a hack. Except for the exterior styling, I wish it were a FORD.





Best pickup yet!

Has very comfortable seating, engine is smooth, transmission shifts very smoothly, very nice to drive. Still trying out all the new features, so far everything works great.


Worst truck I have ever owned

I don’t particularly like to bash American vehicles, but this truck is a real piece of garbage. I currently have 4675 miles on the engine. I don’t beat on it, it cost me too much money to beat on it. It started making noise and I wound up finding out the lifters in the engine went bad! What? 4675 miles and the lifters went bad? What ever happened to good old American craftsmanship? God help us!!!


Major engine problems

Lifter replaced at 4500 miles and another one at 9100 miles. The truck left me stranded 200 miles from home one time and another time it almost made me miss a flight. I don’t feel safe driving it far from home and it’s a brand new 2021 4x4 Silverado LT.


Cheverlet now charges monthly fee for GPS

The truck GPS stop working when I did not want to pay a monthly fee to Cheverlet/Onstar services. GMC does not charge for GPS services