2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser consumer reviews

$14,485 starting MSRP
side view of 2006 PT Cruiser Chrysler
78% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 3.9
  • Value for the money 4.2
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.2
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Pt cruiser

It's very good car!! There some rest on driver side doors but that's ok!!! It's runs smooth....


2006 Crysler PT Cruiser

Most Reliable Car I've Owned $3,600 Clinton, MS (39056) 116,000 miles...runs good...OBO good car if you want has good gas mileage this is the perfect car for you


It's a Good Car

The PT Cruiser is pretty roomy for its size and runs pretty well. Enjoy driving it. Not bad 4 cylinder engine.


worst car I have EverOwned. lemon from first month

Told chrysler it was a lemon. Have paid for it twice. Bought because I thought it would last me till I could no longer drive. It has and continues to cost big bucks. I'm angry because now I can no longer afford the repair bills. I'm 78 and live in small town most doctors are at least 27 or more miles away. Just got out of shop again and they still can't locate problem. I am the only driver.


Chrysler Should Still be Making Cruisers

What a fun car to own! Regular Cruisers are great with unique styling and plenty of room inside. GT's add horsepower, handling and comfort features and can still run on regular gas.


Great for the price!

Not sure what these are people are doing to their cars. I see a couple of people complaining about this car when it goes over 100,000 miles, but we have never had a problem. Maybe if you didn't drive it like a new car you'd have better luck! The car is great for the price and the style is still very interesting to look at. I recommend the car, but just make sure the AC is working when you buy it. I've heard it's a little different than other systems. We had to have the compressor replaced, but it works fine now.


Once you get over 100,000 miles be prepared to pay

I bought this car used. It was road ready, no rust.. Didnt run bad at first. Rides on the highway good, about 23 MPG in town about 18 mpg Over the last three years ive put A LOT of money into this car... SEVERAL wheel bearings, a timing belt that cost a grand...brakes, rotors, tires, etc etc etc I wouldnt buy this vehicle again.


good car

bought my 06 in oct last year with 80000 miles it now has 87500 and its been very dependable and i love it especially how high the seats sit i can see perfectly out all the windows. the only things i hate about this car is the gas mileage i average around 22 mpg and that the cam sensors are prone to go out around 80000 to 85000 miles



I really did love my 2006 PT Cruiser Touring Edition for the first few years I drove it. I bought it used in 2009. The style is perfect, but the size difference between front and back makes turning and parking difficult. I've checked more curbs than I should admit. Mine didn't have Turbo, so it wasn't the best at ramping up to highway speeds, but otherwise the performance was fine for me. My friends complained that the backseat was uncomfortable, especially for tall people. Passengers get really confused with the center control of the windows, but I liked it. YMMV. I never had electrical issues with this car. I found the cargo space with seats up to be very roomy for hauling groceries, boxed furniture, bricks, a commuter bicycle, bags of compost and soil... you name it, I've hauled it. I've moved halfway across the country in this car, twice. The cruise control and heat always worked great, which I find essential. Keep in mind that I always had the car regularly maintained, tuned up, oil change, whatever it needed. Here were my non-routine maintenance issues: The wheel bearings began grinding/moaning after about a year, especially when trying to turn or go over speed bumps (before I started hauling heavy gardening items, I swear!). I had a recurring problem with the fuel pressure/O2 sensor/some mystery thing that brought on the engine light intermittently. I had a problem with the AC, but I don't recall what the cause or solution was. I know that it made the car to feel like it would stall if I tried to run it. I'm not big into cold, so I didn't put huge priority on fixing it until my friends complained. In the last year, most of the motor mounts had to be replaced, lest the engine shake the car apart. The radiator fan assembly died in rather epic fashion, thank you. Lastly, the engine would die when I hit a bump on the highway. This was most likely due to battery connection issues. A year ago, the same thing happened, but the terminal oozed green corrosion from a clearly damaged terminal. This time it wasn't visibly obvious. I took it as my final sign that I'd spent too much money on this beast already. Sold to a dealer, and I'm done with unreliable cars!


Dependable Workhorse

I just purchased my second pre-owned Cruiser, which says a lot about how much I enjoy the car. My first was a 2005 Base model (5-Spd Man) with 9800 miles, and my current one is a 2006 Limited (5 Spd Man) with 24,000 miles. First off, what a difference in styling and standard features that come with the Limited. Great comfort and pleasant to drive, and I've always loved the "gangsta" retro '30s styling. When I traded my 2005 it had 172,500 miles on it giving much credence to its reliability and dependability. I averaged 28 to 32 mpg on Florida highways and country roads, so no disappointments there. Engine performance totally on par for a 4-Cyl engine with smooth, strong acceleration going through all 5 gears. As far as any major maintenance is concerned I changed the oil religiously at every 3000 miles, had to replace an A/C Evap Valve around 50,000, the timing belt at 97,000 miles (average life-span), and maybe two tune-ups. Had to put in a new clutch assembly around 30,000, most likely due to the original owner not knowing how to drive a stick (reason given for why it was traded in at such low mileage), and the clutch being self adjusting to point of failure without much warning. Anyway, ended up getting a whole new tranny out of the deal under warranty. Cargo capacity is more than ample, and rear-seat configuration change options are top-notch. I scuba dive and fish a lot and there's more than enough room to transport all my gear and coolers full of adult beverages with plenty of room to spare. All that being said, as long as there are PT Cruisers on the road, I'm going to be in one of them.