2017 Honda Pilot consumer reviews

$30,745–$32,545 MSRP range
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90% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior 4.7
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value 4.6
  • Exterior 4.7
  • Reliability 4.7
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Honda is loosing my trust.

We had no issues for the first three years. Then we started having issues with the car with items randomly not working. For example when driving our speedometer would stop displaying fully your speed. You would only see part of your speed. This would go on until it stop displaying our speed all together. Then randomly after starting the car the radio display would be carbeled. It would look like it was an alien display with weird symbols. I kid you not. It would stay that way until you would turn off the vehicle. Dealer stated they didn’t have the parts to fix it on hand and had to order them. This was during Covid. So I understood why they didn’t have the parts. It took them 18 months to get the parts in and to repair the car. Then the air conditioner randomly worked. Turns out the compressor failed. The dealer informed us again. They had no parts to repair the air conditioner. But when I took it to my mechanic, they were able to get parts and install it within three days. Mind you this was a Warranty repairs that the dealer could not get parts for. I think it’s time to look for a new brand.


Horrible Transmission and Honda Service

We bought our Pilot Elite new in Nov of 2017. The first several weeks/months were fine. However, within the first few weeks and less than a few hundred miles we started hearing and feeling a vibration/shutter while driving. Having previously owned an Acura MDX with a torque converter issue, this brought back memories. We scheduled a service appointment at the dealership where we bought the vehicle and mentioned our concern of it being a torque converter/transmission issue. After having the vehicle for a few days we were told the techs could not find an issue and the vehicle was ready for pickup. However, we still noticed the issues during every drive. So we scheduled another appointment to do a test drive with a tech to connect their laptop to the OBDII port and run diagnostics while driving. After numerous appointments and test drives with the tech, we were being told because there are no error codes or error lights on the dash, there’s nothing Honda can do. The tech even said I can feel and hear the issue, that there definitely is a problem, but that Honda Tech Line is telling him unless there's an error code to troubleshoot there's nothing more he can do. Other troubleshooting they said they did during those appointments was resetting the electronics, tested the active motor mounts and VCM. We eventually got scheduled to talk with a Regional Honda Rep that visits once a month. Before that appointment I started driving the vehicle more to troubleshoot the problem myself and because I started losing confidence in the reliability of the vehicle when the transmission seemed to begin to slip/lose power a bit during the shutter/vibrations. I was able to pinpoint it to 8th gear. Whether in auto or manual mode using the paddle shifters, it happens while going into 8th gear. During the appointment with the Rep, the dealership tech, Rep and I went for a test drive. We started out with the Rep driving and we experienced the same shutter noise and feel during transmission shifts. However, the Rep said that noise and vibration sounded more like something in your cargo area or outside. After the third or fourth time of the Rep saying that and me verifying nothing was in the cargo area, I knew he wasn't there to help. The tech in the backseat even spoke up the last time the Rep said that and said there wasn't anything in the back and it was definitely the vehicle and that there's something wrong, maybe transmission. When the tech said that (which I've been saying all along), the Rep turned around to the tech with a stern look as to say, stop talking. We switched and I drove back to the dealership in auto and manual mode making it happen every time while going into 8th gear. At the end of the test ride the Rep said there was nothing he/Honda could do since there were no error lights on the dash. Then the Rep said that I can't expect Honda to start replacing major parts like the transmission without identifying its 100% a transmission problem. Ok, I guess that may be fair. But when I'm being told by the techs and Rep that everything they've tested and tried so far hasn't resolved anything, the transmission/torque converter seems like the next logical step with the problems we were experiencing. The Rep said that I would just need to wait until something more catastrophic happens before Honda is going to spend any more time on your vehicle. I was shocked. Frustrated. Mad. Disappointed. This being my wife's vehicle I asked him, so are you telling me that you need me to wait until my wife and kids are driving in the car and the vehicle loses power/momentum and they are in an accident before Honda will do something? Appalled. So after numerous times taking time off work, rearranging my schedule, waiting at the dealership, discussions with the techs, service scheduler, Rep, etc. Nothing. So frustrating! I even emailed Honda and no response. I'm done. This our last Honda.


xxxxty mechanically wise.

Car is very much nice. When it actually runs well mechanically it drives very well. It has eaten up 2 transmissions in the span of 2 months.


faulty transmission

I had previously thought very highly of honda that it sold good quality, reliable cars. My opinion has since changed with the 2017 honda pilot as this has been my worst car experience. At 5 years, the transmission failed, and I was stuck with a defective part that should never have failed this soon. This defect is well known and discussed on honda forums and with so many existing issues, it seems like an unfair business practice to require the consumer to be responsible for footing the bill for a product defect. The timeline for my situation occurred just after the 65,000-mile warranty. My transmission began failing at 66,480 miles so I brought it to the dealer on December 1, 2021. The dealer performed a service and mentioned this would be the first step to repair the problem with the transmission. A few months later, at 71,033 miles, the transmission system warning light came on, and I brought it back to the dealer March 23, 2022 at which time I was told that the transmission would need to be replaced at a cost of $9,000. The dealership told me they would do me a favor and ‘share the cost’ with me so my portion would only be $5,300. I tried to negotiate further claiming a defective part, but the dealership wouldn’t budge and in fact told me that if I didn’t take the offer, they would rescind the offer. I needed a car so I agreed to pay it. I had to uber around for a couple days at the cost of $63 then I had to rent a car for $1,636. I also did quite a bit of research on what the problem was with this transmission, what internal parts actually failed, and how long this repair should take. The notion that I had marginally exceeded the warranty so the defect isn’t covered seems harsh, poor customer care, or just an excuse to avoid responsibility for manufacturing and selling a faulty part. This event is likely related to an internal failure (the clutch failing prematurely) something that should not have occurred this soon. The vehicle has been well maintained and the transmission fluid was serviced at 40,270 miles in June 2020. I was also told that if I had serviced my car 100% at honda then I would have received a better deal? This doesn’t make sense as the only service I had outside of the dealership was oil and tires – unrelated to a faulty transmission.


The worse Honda I have purchased

This suv has gave me so many problems it’s in freeman Honda records. Emissions driveshaft catalyst converter fuel injector. Wish I could declare it as a lemon just 50,000 miles. Honda should trade me a new one that’s how bad this pilot is. My forth Honda


Spacious interior

This car is a big step up from a Nissan Altima. Lots of space and the ride is smooth. The engine is a bit noisy when idle(clicking noise from the direct injection), and there's also a drone sound when acceleratinf beyond 60mph(not sure if this could be cause of the new tires or not), but other than those noises, it's a smooth machine!


One of the best cars I’ve ever owned.

This car is exactly what I needed for my family. It’s reliable and easy to handle on the road and has plenty of roomy to.


About My Car

I like my car. I test drove quite a few before deciding to purchase a Honda Pilot. I like the way the Hondas ride, the seats are more comfortable, and the gas mileage for the size of car is descent.


Over all nice car

Overall very nice Honda Pilot. Pros: blue color, gas mileage, reliability, resale value, cabin space, video player. Cons: too many buttons on steering wheel, 2017 there is push button for changing gears, 3rd row leg room.


First Honda Pilot...

I have always purchased Fords my whole life, so I broke the mold and went with the Honda Pilot for my wife’s daily driver. Purchased used Honda Certified. So far overall pretty happy with decision. Pros: good gas mileage, has a lot of bells and whistles, comfortable ride, will hold value for resale Cons: too many buttons on steering wheel, the speakers in Pilot leave something to be desired, arm rests are annoying, overall layout of car console screen is “too in depth”, hard to find all the buttons for easy quick adjustments.