2017 Honda Pilot consumer reviews

$30,745–$32,545 MSRP range
side view of 2017 Pilot Honda
90% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.7
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Disappointed in Honda

I was so excited to finally get my first new vehicle. I have always bought Hondas, though used. The 2017 Honda Pilot was my first new one. What a disappointment! First, after only about 2 months, I could barely push the brake down hard enough—it was actually difficult to do. So had to bring it in to be fixed. Then, a few months later, the cabin starts intermittently smelling like gasoline—a pungent odor enough to make me nauseous. Again, brought it in, and Honda says “Oh, it’s just because of the type of gas we use in this climate in the winter”—they did nothing. That nauseating smell makes my garage smell like gas for days every few weeks. Plus it’s no fun driving around inhaling what feels like pungent gas fumes! Then, my hazards come on by themselves intermittently for no reason whatsoever if you put your hand anywhere near the touchscreen. So until I notice it, I’m driving with my hazards on! Then, there is a short in the wiring causing my programmable garage door button not to work. All within 2 years for a brand new vehicle. I got rid of it. So disappointing. The only positive was that I liked the new body styling compared to that ugly rectangle on wheels of the years prior!


My first all in cash purchase. 25 year expected

My only issue with this Honda model is .. for the price of 48,160 $ I would have like to get the cross rails on the roof rails that where on my option package and a rear cargo cover. I expected that it would come with my elite. Since I took the one in the show room I really thought it was stored in the dealership. So I called the dealer and they gave me the ear phones for the dvd system. And I call the Honda factory I ordered them at the tune of another 700+$ but very happy had I know I would have just gotten the tutoring and saved 3000$ 🤦🏽‍♂️


Reliability is expected from Honda !

This is a good family car with all of the things you would expect from a new car but. They managed to cheapen things. Look at the carpets. Cheap !! Worst on the EXL with Nav. Interior lights. Very poor configuration and they know it. I had an older pilot. Much better interior lighting. Buttons don't light at night. So park the car and tri to find the all around door lock button. Or the fuel door release. Finally maintenance intense. Trans fluid every 30,000 miles, Transfer case another $100.00. Differential 40,000 miles drain. replace brake fluid every 60,000 miles. Cooling fluid.... Buy a HUN........ and save money.


Honda Pilot Worth the Cost!

When we walked onto the lot, my wife looked at the vehicle, read the equipment list, and said "Buy this Vehicle!" She was right; the performance of the Honda Pilot meets "Excellent" in so many categories for several types of cars. It handles hauling materials like an SUV, handles like a sports car, and is roomier than any upscale pickup or full size vehicle I've owned.


Excellent SUV for the money

Have never owned a Honda automobile before. Was in the market for a bigger car/SUV due to having a toddler and doing more traveling etc. I test drove a Pilot for a week before purchasing new. After a day I was already hooked. Very smooth ride, handles excellent in the snow/winter weather, plenty of leg room and storage when the third seat is down, lots of storage compartments, gas mileage was as advertised, exterior styling updated and impressive. Overall this car is exactly what we were looking for in a larger automobile at the price point we were wanting to stay within. Without a doubt Honda has me sold. My next automobile will also be a Honda and likely a Honda Pilot!


Will not be going back to a Honda

This is our 4th Honda vehicle, will be our last. The electronics are terrible. The collision mitigation goes off for no reason. Of course it does not go off for service department. They drive it around block and say it is working properly. We were told to turn it off. The big sales pitch was on safety items like collision mitigation. Parking assist does not work worth a darn. Can pull up within inches and no alarm. Windows fog up in cold weather, brought this up at test drive, as well as air leak in cabin. Which was told "it is not as bad as mine" Have had problems with Navigation and radio. Heated seats would not work after remote starting. We were told, we did not know how to use remote start. That was not issue, they finally fixed the issue with heated seats. It appeared they replaced them with some used ones. This vehicle is not driven much anymore. We have put 3000 miles on since last oil change and approximately 8 months. It is a real shame, we have always liked the Honda line and have had great luck with them. It seems not so much anymore. The dealership owner spoke with us, then two weeks later forgot who we were and the conversation we had with him.


So far it is all it has been bragged about to be.

I really appreciate this car. It has plenty of room for passengers and the driver. An SUV that drives & handles like a car. It's good on gas on the highway when you press the Eco button. Also tows a trailer with ease!! Love the right side camera! I have been stopped several times just to be asked my opinion about it...I always respond with "It's a great vehicle & I really love driving it"


Honda pilot

I love my pilot. This is my second one! It drives great, is reliable and is very comfortable. I would recommend this vehicle to potential buyers.


My honda pilot 2017 is the best car I have owned,

Its excellent, it's very comfortable and I love the exterior build of the car it's also very reliable , this car honda pilot Exl is worth all the hype.


Comfortable, good fuel economy, spacious, quiet

This car is extremely well made. I drive it back and forth to Florida with a full load. This last winter, I averaged 31 MPG for the entire trip down, back, and 5 weeks in the city. With a 3.5 Liter V6, this mileage is awesome. The car has a great ride, with options to make a long drive comfortable. The Honda Pilot is very reliable, and can take 8 people comfortably when needed.