2019 Honda Ridgeline consumer reviews

$29,990 starting MSRP
side view of 2019 Ridgeline Honda
97% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Interior design 4.8
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.9
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The kind of truck most people really need.

I like this truck very much. Its' not very macho but it is all about function. Heads above the smaller trucks offered by Ford, GM, and even Toyota. If you drive one and compare it to the others; you will buy it. Very well thought out. Has never been back to the dealership for anything other than an oil change. Two minor design things have been corrected on the 2020 model. Rear side doors now open wider; and the dual action tailgate now has a lock. I had to buy one and install it myself on my 2019. The 2020 models also have a 9 speed transmission; mine has a 6 speed. I have 10,000 miles on mine and it is averaging right at 20 mpg overall with about a 50/50 mix of city and highway driving. Overall I would say that it is a nice midsize SUV that happens to have a pickup bed in the back. I bought the 4 wheel drive RT-LE model so that I could tow 5,000 lbs instead of 3,500 lbs that the 2 wheel drive tows. It will also carry about 1,000 lbs. in the bed which is enough for my purposes.


Not a fan

Upgraded to a 2019 Rtl from a 2008 RTL , sadly would not do it if I had a doover. Radio is worse then a stock 1970s in sound quality on AM/FM. Engine is loud and sounds like a 4 cyl. Ride is stiffer then in my old 2008. Door lock and unlock non customizable unless you upgrade the entire sound system w Nav. All in all ..."Meh" Jeep Gladiator here I come.


Finally got my Ridgeline

Waited for 3 years for this day to happen.. Proud to say I am very happy with my truck Family loves it ... it is very practical for our needs


Love this Truck!

I never thought of a Honda Truck until a leading consumer magazine rated it above all other brands. I went to the local dealer for a test drive and left with the Sports edition with All Wheel drive, which is perfect for the caliche roads that I drive on. It has a smooth ride, keyless ignition, amazing cab room as well as innovative storage options. The price was also amazing...I lowered my monthly car payment by over $100 a month. I highly recommend that if you are considering a “smaller” truck, that you at least test drive a Honda Ridgeline.


What a Great Truck

Much better than a Ford truck I traded this in for. I bet most people in America need what this truck has to offer, unless you need to tow a lot. Feels great. Looks great. Luxury touches and fine finish. Can't beat a Honda! I also own a 2018 Durango RT and they both are equally done well in quality.


Best truck for non-contractor

Best truck for non-contractor. Drives like an automobile, and has more room than most trucks do for storage and bed. No flaws, with the exception of their radio systems. I believe 2020 is more in line with current technology.


Enjoying my new Ridgeline

I was looking for a vehicle that had a luxurious ride and yet was available for loading the odd piece of equipment. The Ridgeline provides both for me.


Can't decide SUV or truck? Try Ridgeline.

I'm a new owner (less than 500 miles), so take that into consideration with this review. I had an SUV which I used as a truck. I wanted a replacement vehicle that was more "user friendly" for older members of my family to climb in an out of, still haul a lot of stuff and tow a trailer. The Ridgline fits the bill. It's very SUV like, but with a truck bed. It does all the "truck things" very well so far. I've already towed a trailer (3000lbs rv) and put stuff in the bed. The flip us back seats turn the quadcab into an large extended cab when the family doesn't need to ride along. The large lockable waterproof trunk under the bed is a great feature. Why the other truck makers haven't done this is a mystery to me. The gas tank is too small. A 400 mile range is about max ... and too short a range for my taste. But .. the mileage is better than other trucks, so pick your poison. So far, gas mileage is 20+ MPG (24-ish highway mileage). The onboard computer overstates the MPG (it's inflated by about 2.5 MPG by my calculations). Otherwise, this is a brilliant vehicle. It has the best ride of any Honda I've driven (and I've owned 4 Hondas), and is as good or better than many SUVs. My previous vehicle was a '13 Durango which had a ride like a luxury car ... the Ridgeline is pretty close. I like a quiet composed ride. Honda has worked hard to improve the ride of their vehicles, it is obvious the Ridgeline has benefited from that effort.


Enough Truck For Me!

Following months of research on trucks - watching YouTube videos and reading online reviews - I made a commitment to test-drive a used Ridgeline (TIP: learn what's included in each trim-line). Oh, but wait, Honda stopped making the odd-looking, uni-body Gen 1 after 2014. There are no models for 2015 or 2016. If you want Gen 2's body style, you must buy a 2017 or later. There are VERY few "pre-owned" Gen 2 Ridgelines. I found only two within a 3-hour drive, and both were north of 80k miles for over $20k. Hogwash! I took advantage of Honda's 0.9% financing and bought a new 2019 Ridgeline Sport AWD. I call it my SUV Truck, because it drives just like a Pilot and offers the added bonus of a bed. Even the lower trim Sport is packed w/ features. Do your research, and don't miss the ridiculously huge, underbed "trunk" that has a drain plug for tailgating and, of course, the two-way tailgate, composite bedliner and fold-up seats - standard on all trims. High marks for the quiet and comfy ride. Just 2k miles in, I am averaging 20.4 mpg. Mine is silver with optional bed extender and bugflector (adds pizzazz to hood). Sport model includes grayed-out rims. I also plasti-dipped (black) the front and rear silver Honda badges. Only remorse is not getting leather. But I saved a lot of $$$. Great job, Honda!


Great Purchase

Better than expected would the most apt comment that I can give. I’ve owned 6 Honda’s and am very pleased with the overall scope of this vehicle. Size, engine and creature comforts are what this Ridgeline are all about. I’ve only driven it 100 miles but know that this truck will live up to the Honda name till well past 100,000 miles.