2011 Nissan Maxima consumer reviews

$31,750 starting MSRP
side view of 2011 Maxima Nissan
88% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.6
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Purchased Used, Rides Like New!

I had recently purchased my 2011 Maxima SV after trading in my 2009 Accord. I have did my online search and made a trip to the dealership and test driven two cars that I had in mind, the other was the Altima. Yes, it uses premium gas. (Did my research online) But you can use lower octane gas, but you will not get that great performance as you would using octane higher than 91. The ride is pretty much smooth, you will hear a little road noise, but not much. And the CVT is smooth as silk! The engine hums to you. My Max is equipped with a hard-drive(again, research) to store my music on. It's not a large hard drive, but it's great to have. Everything is right within arms reach. One problem, and I have to agree with an editor from a popular car magazine, the controls for adjusting the seats are a bit close to the door. med/large hands might have a snug squeeze. I love the following: the front driver seat that heats in the winter and cools (no cooling seat on passenger side) in the summer! Easy to read dash and CD and radio instruments. The rear camera comes in handy too, but still, I am old-fashioned, and prefer to look over my shoulder. You can lose your key fob, but that goes for anyone, but you can NEVER lock your key fob in the car. Thank you , Nissan! Also, the trunk is nice and roomy. I can store my needed items and a full-sized wheelchair. So, do your research, test drive, sleep on it, and purchase your Nissan Maxima.


I bought a Nissan Maxima to Carlos Lara.

This car is awesome, I like my car. The engine never failed, its one of the fastest driving cars I have ever experienced with. I love my car very much :)


2011 Nissan Maxima

Purchased a Nissan Maxima I am very pleased with the comfort, looks and performance of the Nissan Maxima. My car was equipment with a rear camera and iphone compatibility. The Nissan Maxima does recommend premium gasoline, which I did not know. The car has a lot of power (290 HP) which I like even though gas is more expensive. Overall the Nissam Maxima is a high performance car and is a good value.


Great Car, Some Flaws

I have 2011 Maxima SV, currently at 21K miles. I traded in a 2004 Infiniti G35 coupe to get this car, and while the infiniti was much more a performance oriented car which I was able to whip around with speed and agility, the maxima feel like an excellent upgrade in terms of comfort and features. This Maxima definitely feels luxurious on the inside, the leather is nice and the seat are very comfortable with all power controls and even hamstring supports. The dash is intuitive and easy to use, and the LCD cluster is well designed and far from cheap looking. The ride is very smooth, though there is some road noise at higher speeds; not a major issue however. What I find disappointing about this car is that the way the CVT trans in configured makes the awesome 290hp VQ engine feel much less awesome than it really is. While I enjoy the very smooth, shift-free ride the CVT offers, the car is very slows when speeding up from a stand still. You would expect a 290hp car to zoom off quickly (just as my g35 coupe did), but the maxima feels very "syrupy" at take off. Add some light torque steer, and I find myself reluctant to drive fast when I'm on city streets. That being said, when on the highway, the car is very fun to drive and very responsive. Going from 40-60 or 60-80 is when you really get to feel some speed and power. Steering wheel response is good and accurate, although I would say that it could use more feedback, but again this may be because I was used to driving the very tight wheeled G35 for years. Bottomline...I would recommend the Maxima for someone who want a sporty sedan with a good set of features and sleek exterior styling. If you want a true sports car driving experience...I would opt for an infiniti g37x, something without a CVT and FWD.



I love this car it's a true value for the price, and handles great. easy bying experience and it truly is a 4 door sports car


95, 99, 2003, and 2011 Maxima Owner

I am driving my 4th Maxima. They are a great car. I have had no problems with any of the 4 models I have owned. They are great cars.


Worst dealership ever

I went to purchase a car and the workers there are sharks they have so many hidden fees!!!! Don't trust the web price and don't waste your time going to this dealershiper their scammers!!!


Very beautiful & totally reliable!

this is my 2nd Maxima! love love love it sporty ride stylish and affordable all in 1 cant ask for more! my friends with BMW'S AND MERCEDES are like wow great car! so I'd totally recommend to someone else!!! and my kids think its cool also!


third Maxima and the last

I am disappointed in this car. It has had lots of mechanical problems. In the first 6 months of ownership it died on me 3 times, leaving me stranded. Had to have it towed to dealership who told me it was fine, only to re-occur. Finally, after insisting they change out the battery or I would not pick it up again, they complied. It's been fine now for a year. Altimas and Maximas have problems with the batteries in the new cars. Nissan knows and refuses to fix the problem. Engine is ridiculously loud. I resent having to use premium gas. this is my 3rd Maxima and last. I've had it for 2 years. I loved the other two. they just smacked of quality. This one is clunky. Inattention to detail is now obvious, compared to previous models made in Japan. I had trusted Nissan products for 20 years. They have lost my business.


Got my dream car

I have always driven sedans, like a 1998 Honda accord and 2008 Nissan maxima. While living in Lafayette, LA, the new gen body style maxima was very popular. I fell in love with the new design and I knew it was the car I wanted. I recently bought a 2011 Nissan maxima sv, and I love it. Obviously a beautifully designed car, but has a lot of power for a sedan. This is the type of car that would be going for more if it had the Infiniti logo on the front. I've taken this car on a couple road trips already, and avg between 23-25 miles per gallon, which is not bad considering you have nearly 300 HP under the hood. My only complaint is that the leather seats hurt my butt, but that's a first world problem. I also got a great deal on this car financing through Nissan.