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Couldn`t wait? Had to have the all-new 16-valve 1986 Celica GTS though atotally new 24-valve `86 1/2 Supra was on the way. Congratulations. You saved about $6,000 and got the more responsive ofToyota`s new sports cars. You also got the better looking car. Despite its new styling, Supra isalmost indistinguishable from the Nissan 300ZX and Mazda RX-7. That trio ofJapanese sports cars... Read full review for the 1986 Toyota Supra

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Wish I could keep it forever.

by AKDriver from Truxton NY on August 19, 2017

I've driven a lot of cars and i still keep coming back to the mid eighties cars as some of the most fun. This 1985 Toyota Supra is just a blast to drive. The feeling of driving something older is some... Read Full Review


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Great news! There are currently no known recalls on 1986 Toyota Supra.