2007 Toyota Yaris consumer reviews

$11,150–$12,050 MSRP range
side view of 2007 Yaris Toyota
93% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 4.1
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 4.7
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Toyota's are very reliable

vehicle met all of my needs. Great gas mileage and affordable payments at the time that I purchased it.


Unbelievable vehicle completely awesome

Bought my 2007 Toyota Yaris in the fall of 2006 I have 250 thousand miles on it just took the spark plugs out they were still in good shape should have probably just left them in 36 miles per gallon when I bought it 36 miles per gallon right now also use it to tow my boat short distances have replaced brakes shocks two batteries three sets of tires everything in the car still works excellent vehicle also one serpentine belt every time I have turn the key it has started for 11 years now


Toyota reliability is unreal...

As a person in his young 20's, this car has been so good to me. Maintenance cost has been crazy low because nothing breaks in this car. I have 150,000 miles in my Yaris and I've only had to replace the shocks so far and I live in an area that paves its roads on a shoestring budget. I wish the car had a little more amenities, but you get what you paid for and it was worth every single dollar. Keep basic maintenance such as getting fluids replaced, brake pads, serpentine belts and this car will just go on and on and on.


Very reliable, low maintenance, great on gas

This car is my first car ever and it is great. I've had it for six months and so far I haven't had to get anything fixed on it. It only takes $20 to fill up which is great. I commute every day so a reliable source of transportation is a must. This car gets the job done in style!


Great on Gas, very reliable!

This car was perfect for commuting to work everyday. Great on gas, comfortable to drive, looks sharp. I loved owning this car.


Great mileage, easy to own

Pros: Great mileage, easy to park, cheap to maintain, surprisingly peppy to drive Cons: not so great in the snow Overall: A solid, affordable compact car



Yaris-Sedan-4 doors. Small 'Base' car. Drives well and meets all my expectation. Found everything I need in a Toyota made car. DEPENDABILITY. RELIABILITY. GOOD GAS MILEAGE. MONEY IN YOUR POCKET.


Boring car

This is a review of the 2007 Toyota Yaris sedan. I paid full sticker price for this vehicle since the dealership refused to negotiate as the car was popular and hard to find when it first came out. The only Yaris with a manual transmission that I found was a basic model. And I mean basic. There were no frills at all - no power locks, no temperature display, nothing. The only creature comfort it had was an AM/FM stereo and mp3 and CD player. Nothing else. The seats were horrible, at least the driver's seat was. It had no lumbar support. My back killed me after long trips. The instrument cluster was located in the center of the dash which I still don't understand. I really never did get used to it. The car was supposed to get 40 miles per gallon highway. I never did get that mileage, and felt that the car was a disappointment because of this. The 40 MPG was the main reason I bought the car. On the positive side, the car was very reliable. I put on over 87,000 miles and never had any serious issues except the AC quit working on me. The rest was just routine maintenance. So in this sense it was cheap to use, The Yaris is a reliable car but in other ways it is nothing special. In fact, the car is boring, The most boring car that I have ever owned.


Best Commuter Car Ever

Inexpensive, low maintenance car, that gets gets 35 MPG. After 11 years of ownership, other than all recommended service, we have only replaced serpentine belt at 140,000 and replaced brakes at 215,000.


Snappy little Yaris

I love this car only It is only because my arthritic wrists which demand an automatic that made me replace it. I drove it for 8 years with not a problem. In the coldest winter days it started on first turn of the key! I'm told it will probably do another 100,000 if well cared for. It has passed State inspection and local Toyota dealership inspection. In very good condition.