2019 Volkswagen Tiguan consumer reviews

$24,295–$25,595 MSRP range
side view of 2019 Tiguan Volkswagen
89% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.5
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Very nice, comfortable vehicle

Bought for my son. Price, comfort, reliability and safety were tops for me and this vehicle met each one. He loves that it looks a little sporty and not like a “Mom Car”!


reliable vehicle...

I had some issues with the car, but they had been taking care of. The Vehicle is very comfortable and for a 4 Cylinder engine has a lot of power for a mid size SUV.


Brake issues

I have VW Tiguan 2019 with 4603 Mils (only). I have a issues with my brakes. Whenever I applied brakes then I have wobbling/Shaking. As per Dealer this issue is not covered by the Warranty. This is very surprising to me how this low mileage vehicle is not covered by this issue This issue is related to warrant item. As per my experience never buy this VW again in my life and will not recommend to any one of them


Good SUV, except for drive by wire throttle

2019 VE Tiguan Great responsive turbo 4 cyl, BUT the drive by wire throttle works on and off. I mean sometimes it works and other times NO and at a bad time such as pulling out into traffic and NO response from motor. Drive by wire means there are two electric switches ( solenoids) that talk to each other as to where the gas pedal (throttle) is positioned. Mine sometimes does not like to talk to each other at times, they “squabble “ and leaves you with nothing then all of a sudden a big rush of power The service manager has few ideas and says to bring it in next time VW doesn’t work, yeah we know that all cars will not work when you want them to. I called VW North America but no help as they are not aware of problem., however the internet is full of reports all way back to 2009 Tiguans . I contacted NHTSA and never heard from them again. This issue occurs intermittently but several times a day but you do not get used to it and you have to change your driving habits.


Classy, reliable and super comfortable!

Meets my needs, roomy but not a gas guzzler or too big to park. Love the third row option and very comfortable. Great steering, intuitive infotainment and amazing moonroof !


I Love My Tiggy

I Traded my my '09 CC VR6 edition for the Tiguan. Mt tiguan is better on gas, very comfortable. My only complaint is performance. It has a 2.0Turbo 184 Hp. Could use a V6. Its sluggish out of first gear. Its the only thing I miss from my CC


Impressed so far!

Bought the 2019 Tiguan after driving a 2017 Passat R-Line. Had the Tiguan a week and truly surprised at the vehicle. More power than my Passat had and best value for the money. Granted it only been a week but we also own a VW Atlas. We have become a VW family and would never have expected it. Truly pleased with all 3 VW’s I’ve owned so far.


Wasn’t Impressed

I bought a Tiguan SE new - the pretty blue color. I had buyers remorse after trading in a 2017 Honda CR-V (fully loaded). The VW had the roughest shifting transmission I’ve ever owned. It “kicked” between gears. I felt the plastic oil drain nut and oil filter cap were a joke. Easily stripped. The third row seating was a joke. Waste of money. The car depreciated $8000 in 8 months as well. I was so happy to be rid of this car.


This car is the worst Never stopped spending money

Worst car I’ve owned Seriouse cooling problems Oil cooler fail Radiator fail Gearbox seals fail Do not buy one It will ruin your life I basically have been told by dealer to stop spending money on it because it has cheap Component issues


High quality, comfortable family SUV.

I was looking for a decent family SUV with good safety features and a reasonable warranty. I went for 2019 Tiguan SEL-Premium 4-Motion as it had all the features I as looking for including a 7-seat capacity and came at an amazing price together with a 6y/72k warranty. I have been using my Tiguan for the last 8 months and here is my impression. Interior is upscale and very comfortable. I love the Apple integration, it works seamlessly all the time. Head and leg space is more than ample for the driver and the 2nd-row passengers. Audio quality with the Fender system is phenomenal. Road noise is minimal (compared to my previous 2013 Honda CRV). Both the inner city and highway ride is composed, it is really a pleasure to drive. I get any average of in city MPG is around 20-22 mpg and a 28-30 highway mpg. Trunk has a lot of space despite the 3rd row seats. The CarGo Trunk system really helps with groceries. My Tiguan also has 3rd row seats. They are mainly for children but they can sit in it comfortably for short (less than 1 hour trips), especially if you slide the 2nd-row seats forward a little. I have had several trips with my children and their friends, all of which were enjoyable from their end. No one felt cramped. So the 3rd row seats work well, but less so for adults taller than 5 feet. The engine could have been better tuned. The engine noise that I hear when the vehicle is in the first 2 gears is bothering at times, especially if I am not super gentle on the gas. From the 4th gear onwards, no such issues with the engine noise. The noise becomes rattle like only when I press on the gas pedal liberally to accelerated from stand still. When I have such a concern, I switch over to Economy mode where gear shifts occur at low revs and the engine maintains its quiet composure. The engine sounds becomes less apparent when the engine warms up and once you are in gear 4 and upwards. On higher gears, even when you press the gas pedal liberally, you feel the nice torque without the bothering sound. I think the engine noise that one feels around 2200rpm in the first 3 gears could have been better tuned as they are definitely not present in higher gears. And to avoid the rattling noise, you need to be gentle with the gas pedal which interferes with the effective acceleration of the vehicle. You pay a price, either way. Apart from the engine noise issue, I am super happy with the vehicle. It has a nice, solid build, beautiful and classic VW design that should make the vehicle likable for many years to come. This vehicle also has so many additional nice features-LED lights with minimal energy consumption, automatic tailgate, heated front seats and steering wheel, remote engine start (that also starts heating seats if outside temperature is low), panoramic retractable sunroof that provides ample light in, nice central touch screen that integrates my iPhone, USB ports in the front and back. Those features are all handy and make your trips enjoyable and fun, making you forget about the 9.0 s 0-60 and the engine noise at low gears. I also have a peace of mind knowing that my vehicle is covered under a transferrable warranty for the next 5.5 years. The proximity to the car service maybe important as well-that also was a factor in my own decision. Only 9 minutes to service is a plus when you have a lot on your hands. Back in 2019, the alternatives in this segment were the Honda CRV which had been plagues with oil-gas dilution problems as well as a battery drain issue (please see the relevant threads on the web), Toyota RAV4 which also had reported engine and transmission issues as well as a noisy engine and the Subaru Forester. Forester was also a nice car but because of the predicted reliability issues with the new model and the CVT transmission, the VW warranty advantage and the proximity to the service, I elected to go with the Tiguan. If you are rather looking for a performance family SUV that is not too expensive, consider the Mazda CX-9. If you are looking for a spacious 3-row vehicle with a strong engine, Palisade is a great option now. If you are looking for a gas-efficient SUV, I’d suggest the new 2020 Honda CRV Hybrid-it does not have the 1.5 T engine and thus should not be plagued with the oil-gas dilution problems. The luxury segment is a group on its own, so I won’t even go into those. It is amazing to see how much these luxury vehicles depreciate in a couple of years. Overall, happy with my 2019 Tiguan