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jeep grand cherokee trailhawk 4xe 2023 03 exterior front angle scaled jpg
We bought a 2023 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk 4xe after we gave it our Best SUV of 2023 award for its diverse offerings of luxuriousness, family-friendliness, powertrain options and capability.
ford maverick hybrid fwd 2022 15 exterior dynamic rear angle scaled jpg
Our staff racked up nearly 16,000 miles on the 2022 Maverick hybrid’s odometer in the year we owned it, and our ownership experience was mostly issue-free.
ford f150 hybrid supercrew limited 2021 108 black dynamic exterior front angle truck scaled jpg
Knowing what we do after two years of ownership, would we buy the 2021 Ford F-150 again?
ford f150 hybrid supercrew limited 2021 01 scaled jpg
After weighing whether to spend $386.73 to repair the active air dam, we decided instead to remove it entirely, which is a common solution other F-150 owners have taken.
ford maverick 2022 04 exterior rear masterson jpg
We put some serious numbers on the odometer of our long-term 2022 Ford Maverick in service of a story with the most inane of premises: visiting Masterson, Texas.
202301 how temp effects model y range 1 scaled jpg
While our Tesla Model Y’s range certainly dropped in colder temperatures, it didn’t fall off a cliff; more like it tumbled down a berm.
ford maverick lariat hybrid 2022 05 exterior towing front angle scaled jpg
The Maverick hybrid has unladen ride quality that’s a bit bumpy, but putting some additional weight over the rear wheels with the attached trailer — along with some supplies in the cargo box — helped make for a smoother, more comfortable ride.
ford maverick lariat 2022 06 dynamic exterior grey rear angle truck scaled jpg
Since our last Maverick update, we’ve added nearly 6,000 miles to the Maverick’s odometer resulting in calculated fuel economy of 35.8 mpg.
toyota tundra capstone 2022 04 exterior gas station rear angle scaled jpg
Ford offers a hybrid drivetrain in its F-150, and Toyota debuted a hybrid powertrain in its redesigned 2022 Tundra. Both share a number of similarities.
ford maverick hybrid fwd ford maverick ecoboost fwd 2022 01 exterior rear angle group scaled jpg
See what you get — and give up — by choosing the Maverick EcoBoost over the Maverick hybrid.