Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

Smart Forease Plus Concept Is the Real-Life Cozy Coupe You Probably Wanted Once Upon a Time

By Brian Normile on March 1, 2019

Smart, the Daimler-owned brand behind tiny city cars, will show off its Forease Plus concept at next week’s 2019 Geneva International Motor Show. Based on last year’s Forease (no “... Read More
7 Ways the 2018 Electric Smart ForTwo Is Not Dumb

By Fred Meier on September 19, 2018

Even as a city dweller, the Smart ForTwo has never been appealing to me. Appalling is too strong, but goofy and irrelevant are not. And like most American car shoppers, I buy more car than I actual... Read More
On National Cheeseburger Day, Perfect Car Pairings for Your Burger

By Patrick Masterson on September 19, 2018

For some, burgers are best eaten on the purist of terms. In order to maximize the culinary experience, anything beyond salt and pepper for seasoning with these people ranges from a frivolous irrita... Read More
Luxury Vehicles, Sports Cars Cost More to Crash

By Fred Meier on June 25, 2018

CARS.COM — Based on the latest data available, the insurance industry’s Highway Loss Data Institute has come up with lists of the best and worst model-year 2014-16 cars for collision damage a... Read More
Smart Vision EQ ForTwo Concept Preview

By Kelsey Mays on August 31, 2017

CARS.COM Looks like: A windswept version of the current Smart ForTwo, sans driving controls or conventional doors Defining characteristics: Minimal overhangs, translucent doors, configurable bu... Read More
Gasoline Smart ForTwo Bites the Dust; EV Lives On

By Kelsey Mays on February 14, 2017

CARS.COM — The gasoline Smart ForTwo has been canceled just two model years into its current generation. Smart, a subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz’s U.S. arm, told dealers it would pull the plug o... Read More
2017 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Preview

By Aaron Bragman on September 26, 2016

Competes with: Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Bolt EV Looks like: The redesigned Smart ForTwo, but with optional green paint Drivetrains: 80-horsepower electric motor, single-stage direct drive, 17.2-k... Read More