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2020 Ford Escape consumer reviews

$24,885–$26,385 MSRP range
side view of 2020 Escape Ford
84% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior 4.5
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value 4.4
  • Exterior 4.7
  • Reliability 4.4
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2020 Ford Escape

I went to RideSmart Auto a total of 3 separate times & was welcomed and helped by Joe , Fran & Jake. I appreciated the professionalism and servicing that I received from them . Joe made it so easy during the process of trading in my 2015 Kia Soul and upgrading to a 2020 Ford Escape . I can't thank you all enough . Special s/o to Joe for answering all my questions & going over everything in detail. Will recommend to everyone I know looking for a car .


2020 Ford Escape with great tech and improved look

I wanted a medium SUV with towing capacity. Something a step up from by Buick Encore, which I really liked. I really liked the newer redesign of the Escape, when I first saw the image online I didn't recognize it as a Ford Escape. I went for a test drive in a SEL and the Titanium, I was definitely not sold on the SEL coming from the Buick Encore with it's awesome interior leather seats and trim. It was just too far a step down. The SEL also didn't brake correctly on the test drive, possible it needed the brakes replaced. The Titanium drove much better on the test drive and since it was raining, I got a real feel for the vehicle. I found the interior lacking, again coming from the Buick. The leather seats were not in the same class. The door arm rest also. So looking past the leather, the tech was much better. The LED, the 5 drive screens for regular, eco, sport, rain, snow, change with the drive type which is great. The 360 pilot, adaptive cruise, self parking assist, and all the other tech was awesome. Plenty of comfort and room in the back with adjustable seating. Minor repairs on the speakers and the rear door rubber seal were need. Definitely a pain but nothing is perfect. At 250 hp and the 3,500 towing capacity for future use for a pop up trailer, I'm pretty content. An Outback would have set me back 7k more for the same specs. I owned a Impreza hatch which I loved but that was not without it's flaws (for all you Sub fanatics, yes flaws) So as a long road trip car, 5 hours, it was very comfortable and with the minor repairs that were needed I'm still happy with the Ford Escape. My next car? I mix it up. Not sure what it will be.


Body was trash

Bought a 2020 new and kept it for a little over 3 years. In that time period it was in the shop at least 12 times. Back up camera had to be replaced twice, door hinge broke, power window stopped working. Transmission started to slip at 46k miles. I traded it off for a Subaru Outback. I will never buy another Ford ever again.


Ford Escape-WARNING to potential buyer

2020 Escape, SEL Starting around 48K miles approx last November I began smelling exhaust fumes inside me Escape. Around this same time Ford sent a recall notice about a cracked fuel injector. Thinking this is the cause of my fumes issue, I immediately tried getting this corrected. Well it took me two Ford dealerships and until 10/2023 to have recall performed. BUT, did this correct my exhaust fumes issues? NO. I have taken my car to my regular mechanic. They cannot find the source of the leak! In addition to this issue, I cannot lower my driver's side window ( to vent ). Some door assembly spot weld broken. It initially prevented me from closing the door properly but now only jams the window mechanism. Finally, in Seof this year while on vacation, I Started getting all these alerts regarding my AWD, Hill assist and all my anti-collision sensors not working! Ford saws my AWD module isn't responding and needs replaced. At over$600! Now my cruise control is out!! So unless they have reconfigured and addressed the craftsmanship DON'T BUT THE ESCAPE!



Let's be honest here, this SUV is by far the worst vehicle Ford has came out with. The door hinges are known for breaking, and the ford company, nor the dealership will fix it since it's not a "recall". Yet, on google almost everyone complains of this issue. Both the front driver window, and rear driver side window no longer work, and they will not fix it either since yet again it's not a "recall". BUT again everyone is complaining of the same issues!! So how are these problems not recalls? I bought this car in 2020 BRAND NEW OFF THE LOT. I should NOT have these problems!!!


Would not buy

Side window won’t go down and door is making a weird sounds I took it into the dealership and it wasn’t nothing they could do without a recall whatever was welded came undone


2020 ford escape sport hybird the best

have had this 2020 ford escape since buying new. i love this car and i now have 36000 miles on is a hybird and the best car i have ever owned.the car gets 48 miles per gal has great safety equipment has a great ride and over three years with no down time for repairs. drive every day and would buy the same car again, ive had a lot of cars but this by far the best i have had. 2020 ford escape hybird sport.


I highly recommend Jesse Hall

I bought my car from Rick Ridings in Monticello, IL from Jesse Hall. Jesse is the best, he had the vehicles ready for me to test drive when I got there and was very knowledgeable and polite. Most of all he was very helpful.


Great car

We just bought a 2020 Ford Escape it has 22,000 miles. It has been a great car so far. It has allot of leg room and head room, I am 6 ft tall, so I like that about it. It has plenty of zip on the highway and good gas mileage, no regrets on our purchase so far.



I bought this vehicle brand new in 2021 It is a 2020 ford escape sel, It only has 31k miles i’ve had 5 engine lights on since I’ve had it for almost 3 years it all started with a Creaking from the rear end in the back, thinking it was something serious took it in they said nothing was wrong at one dealer so I took it to another ford dealership down the road they said it was the shocks they replaced the shocks the noise was gone for a while… then the brakes started making a noise in the back and in the front a squealing from the back and a squeaky sound from the front, anyway took that in they said that there is a recall for the brakes “bolts” They did this 3 different times saying they needed to replace the bolts, gave up at that point now the engine lights started at 20k 5 engine lights in 5 months with only adding 10k miles on to it, they didn’t have a appointment at ford for the “recall for the fuel injectors according to the service advisor the vehicle is unlikely to start on fire” so I did the ford mobile repair they added a drip pan, and said it was all fixed that’s when the second and third code of a engine light happened, took it in all fixed then now on again…. And when I took it in my phone on my FordPass popped up a customers satisfaction program for the fuel injectors asked the service advisor if they could do that he says no you’ve already had the “drip pan installed” I Do not recommend this terrible product of a vehicle