2020 Ford Explorer consumer reviews

$32,765–$34,765 MSRP range
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79% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.2
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.2
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Plastic front seat trim panel

I bought brand new and had alot of issues everything was taken care of now out of warranty explorer has 30800 miles extended warranty Now I have joined the club of front seat plastic trim around bottom of seat clips broke panel is just hanging freely Ford will not stand by this problem many owners have expressed there plastic trim panels have broke numerous times 60.00 a piece this issue is with both front seats just a bad design by Ford lucky enough I can replace these trim panels myself but don't want to do numerous times like other owners have


Too many problems to count

Problems started from day one with this vehicle. Trim was mismatched between doors, some chrome, some black. Interior handles pulled off within days of delivery. The right wing mirror whistled from day one and took three trips to the dealer to diagnose and repair. A door speaker rattles and after three trips to the dealer, their answer is "that's the way its made". The driver seat lower upholstery started coming off within weeks of delivery and required 3 visits before the dealer finally replaced the lower seat. There have been too many recalls to count on this vehicle, all of which require a dealer visit. Most frustrating is a blank screen back up camera issue which I never experienced until AFTER the dealer installed the fix! Now I'm told there is no fix. Other recalls have included driver seat installed incorrectly, fuel line, catalytic converter, interior buttons, among others. At 37000 miles the exhaust flex pipe broke. This was of course 1k out of warranty. At~45,000 miles my engine threw a rod bearing, requiring a new engine and a month in the shop. Thankfully still under warranty, but the dealer returned the car to me with barely enough gas to get to a gas station, which is not how I left it with them. They of course expected that I return the loaner with a full tank. Since my engine replacement there have been multiple electronics issues, which only arose after the engine replacement. The driver aids (traction control, proximity sensors, lane assist, etc.) will randomly not work, the navigation will only show the bottom third of the screen (where I've been, not where I'm going). The Ford Pass application has worked intermittently throughout the life of the vehicle, now it will not work at all. The dealer diagnosed it as a bad TCU (telecom control unit) and replaced it at a reduced cost because of the suspicious timing with the engine replacement. They assured me that all of these issues are within the TCU. Unbelievably, the issues WERE NOT FIXED after replacement. The saga continues. Needless to say, I will never purchase another Ford product again. I have had multiple European and Japanese vehicles with nothing like this experience.


The most reliable SUV I have ever, ever driven.

I currently own a 2020 Ford Explorer XLT (used, bought with 50k miles). Before this I used to own a 2015 BMW X3 Xdrive28i. Now people reading this would be astounded to hear such a bad review for a german luxury vehicle. IT. WAS. TRASH. Sorry, BMW fanboys, but that is true. Anyways, coming back to the Explorer, it was a lot, lot better. Better mileage, Better comfort, A ton of space to even pack up to 5 large suitcases and five big boxes with only the third row down. Considerable performance and power for a massive three row SUV, compared to a “apocalypse ready, tough and rugged” Jeep Wrangler. Very sturdy car, fun to drive around. And really handy when you’re like me who decided to hit the road from Miami, FL to Cypress, TX (😁). I was worried whether evreything would fit in, but apparently there was way more space than that! Also if you are a parent with an infant, you will have NO problem fitting in a child seat. Another thing is that I use an iPhone and my wife uses a Samsung. It is compatible with both carplay and android auto. Now the best part: this is the most stylish SUV under $30k I have ever seen except for a Jeep Grand Cherowkee. My final verdict: The best, affordable, 6-7 seater SUV you can get on the auto market. And I am saying this not only from a driver-standpoint, but a parent as well. I have read other people’s reviews, and some will disagree with me. But after all, it is an automobile. Whether it be a million dollar Rolls-Royce or a Bugatti or a Ford, it is still developing. I am proud of what Ford can do. I highly recommend to those who are looking for a reliable and safe car, buy a Ford. They are incredible.


All started great for the first week.

Bought used with 17,*** miles. Haven’t made the first payment and started having issues. Mostly electrical issues. First was radio would not come on at all. Display worked but audio would not. Then rear camera intermittently goes out. Final straw is my wife drove to work one morning went to leave that afternoon and battery completely dead. Nothing was left on because everything is automatic. Will be taking in for warranty. If ford can not fix it will be sold.


Do NOT buy a Fire

Having to replace transmission in my 2020 Ford Explorer that has 65,000 miles. Very well maintained and mostly highway miles. No longer covered by warranty, very expensive to repair, and parts are back ordered. I will never buy another Ford!!!!



The first winter I ended up with ice in my car so bad I had to scrap it then he'll went loose. My passage window would go up and down the finally fix it after 5 tries. Than back passage went down could get up. Got that fixed finally. Than one day riding down a 45 mph road the vehicle while in curse it took off on its own 70 mph had to slam on brakes so I would not hit the car in front. This vehicle has done this at least 3 more times but went 85 mph. They don't know what is wrong with it. So I'm scared everytime I get behind the wheel. Ford does want to help and my dealer don't know what to do.


Best SUV ever!

Just bought one used and I LOVE this car! Traded in my GMC Terrain and this is much much much better! Wanted one for years and glad I finally got one. Very stylish and comfortable to drive!


Transmission problem

I need a transmission in my 2020 Ford explorer the service dept very unprofessional say they will call back never do...I ask 4 loaner didn't get one ford corporate said they will not help either


Transmission problems

My 2022 xlt nice engine strong but transmission has too many issues.Interior pealing off . 61000 miles and I been too many times at the dealer sensors going off check engine light on . I won't get another ford . dealer don't give you rent a car so I don't recommend this brand .


I piece of crap

I bought a new 2020 Ford Explorer XLT with only 4,000 miles 01/14/2021 that has stayed in the in the shop longer than any vehicle I owned. The trim work inside was awful the steering wheel leather was peeling stay in for 2 months and was not tucked good, the seats leather was coming apart and and wires out, and wind crackling noises they co9uld never find, the transmission has been worked on before 36,000 miles and last but not least the dash board, radio, and headlights all went out on me while driving several times at night. I have had several electrical issues also changed the battery. I will new own another Ford I traded it in because I was scared to drive it at night with all the lights going out for no reason.