2016 Ford F-150 consumer reviews

$26,540–$31,485 MSRP range
side view of 2016 F-150 Ford
91% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.6
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Sad day for Ford drivers

It is sad that Ford is aware of problems and does nothing about it. Problems with 2015 to 2017 5.0 intake manifold assy none available and truck not reliable enough to drive.


Airbag sign comes on - dealer asks $1400 to replac

The airbag sign comes on; the dealer says it needs to be replaced and programmed and I have to pay! Isn't Ford responsible for it? Pick up has had no accident.


Overall, The Best Truck I’ve Ever Owned

I grew up in the Mid-West, working with my dad in the oil fields and on farms and ranches, driving trucks of all types and makes. Bought my first Ford truck back in 1978 - a 1973 step-side. Have owned several other brands. Next Ford was a 1992 Ranger XLT - a great buy and owned it for eleven years. It was as solid as new the day I sold it to a friend. I’ve owned a few luxury sedans and SUVs since then and in 2016, when I retired, bought the F-150 XLT Super Cab rear-wheel drive with the V-6 Ecoboost engine. Best engine ever! Absolutely no trouble with this truck after 75K miles. Only two very minor recall fixes. Not a single rattle (as solid as my girlfriend’s brand new Acura RDX). I live in Arizona, so I appreciate the awesome A/C output. Finally had a brake job done last month and only needed rear brake pads and rotors turned. One battery change after four years, oil changes every 5K miles and the first set of tires lasted over 40K miles. I feel like I could easily get 200K out of this truck.


Most problematic vehicle I have ever owned

The truck is a nice truck but, I have been having problems with the oil pan leaking since the day I bought it. It has been fixed 3 times and now going on it’s 4 th time. I am extremely unhappy with this problem but, most of all I am very displeased on how Countryside and Kyle Buss has treated me. I can believe Countryside is not standing behind me on this since this gas been a problem since the day I bought this vehicle.


Very reliable

Just what we were looking for lots of room.Very affordable,Fast in and out,Bryan's will definitely get you in a vehicle no hassles,Best interest rates,Shop Bryan's car Corner first won't be disappointed,


Very spacious interior!

A ridiculous amount of rear seat leg room. Smooth quiet ride. This is my favorite vehicle purchase so far- been through about 7 vehicles. I definitely recommend!


Perfect truck for me

Has everything I wanted. Bigger engine then what I need but still gets great gas mileage for a truck. Back up camera helps a lot with backing up to my boat and lining up the tow hitch.



navigation, telephone, and radio, Ford knows about it and settled out of court in some northern states. Navigation only works for a short period then wonders and can not be programed, telephone does not work, radio works sometime. Drivers seat worn out with only 80,000 miles and does not maintain setting.


Excellent purchase - best decision ever

After owning an 07 Ford F-150 XLT which the frame became too rusted to keep on the road, I wanted that exact vehicle, just newer. I found the 2016 F-150 XLT for sale and researched it and purchased it used in 2021. The updates to the model are some good some okay. Style: Good! They gave the body a lot of new edges and curves which make it look awesome! Interior design: Good! They made some of the comforts and functions easier and more "technology" to wow the driver. Function: Aside from FORD getting rid of the AUX port for audio, which FRUSTRATED me for a hot minute and I had to purchase a FM transmitter for $30, it's great! You can lock the tailgate from the remote which I never thought of in the 07. I always used a key on the tailgate to lock it, and only when I had something valuable under the cover. Now I don't even have to think about it. There's a sensor that lets you know when the gate is down. So, now I don't have to stop and double check. Value: I got it used at a dealership locally and it was marked down significantly. It was an import from Canada so the strength of the US dollar Vs Canadian dollar helped keep the cost well below Kelly Bluebook. It was the exact truck that I wanted. I found an 8 Cylinder model without the Eco boost. The break pedal doesn't kill the engine. There are 6 gears now, which the dash shows you which one you're in when driving. The 07 only had like 4 Gears. I think the 6th gear makes for a smoother ride at 70-75 MPH on the highway. It also keeps the RPM's down when accelerating and it must have other benefits. I believe lower RPM's means the engine will be stressed out less and will last longer. I just paid $1400 for an aftermarket undercoating service because the 07 rusted out. I bet that if I had undercoated the 07, it would have outlived me. These trucks are made from TOP quality hearty beefy parts that are made to last. I've only had the 2016 F-150 for a few weeks so far so Reliability is still up in the air, but so far, no issues at all. Some times the back up sensor turns itself off and the "miles" switch to "Km" which is a mild annoyance. The performance: The pick up is there when you need it. The smooth acceleration from a stop is nice. Don't hammer it, rather press firmly and let the truck change gears on it's own. Automatic transmissions are meant to let the inertia of the vehicle get up to proper velocity before changing gears. It's a big heavy truck, not a drag racer. The acceleration reflects its function. It can tow a big boat. It won't compete with a Mustang. The Aluminum panels: Non-Magnetic. Don't bother trying to stick a magnet to it, you'll get nothing. Not that I have a ton of Magnet things. Funeral flags. Company decals, stuff like that. Aluminum still corrodes! Take the same care as steel body panels. They're lighter so you've decreased the weight. But it dents easier. But it also fixes easier too. The Jury is still out on how long they last. So, If you're looking for a truck that will meet all expectations of a truck, give the 16' F-150 xlt a shot. For towing, go 8 cylinders. My Uncle bought a 2016' F-150 with 6 Cylinders and turbo for towing his camper and he said that he has to floor it to get it and the camper up and down the mountain roads. SO heads up on towing. They say yes it can, but what they mean is within weight and grade limits. It's comfortable and smooth. It's quick when you need to zip, and can pull and carry a ton of stuff. Ford makes nice trucks. I highly recommend.


I love the truck!!

Very pretty truck! Clean inside and out. No more rusty truck issues! It has already been off road miles from the gravel. It preformed very well!