2007 Toyota Yaris consumer reviews

$11,150–$12,050 MSRP range
side view of 2007 Yaris Toyota
93% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior 4.1
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value 4.7
  • Exterior 4.3
  • Reliability 4.7
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Total Reliability!

I've had my 2007 Yaris since I bought it new and have have had to put very little money into it's mechanical upkeep; just a new fan belt and transmission flush and the usual tires and batteries! I change my own oil and rotate my own tires so very cost efficient; I love this car!


best value, very reliable

Purchased it new has 240k miles and still runs great. It burns oil like most older Toyotas. Nothing fancy or exciting about it just does what it is supposed to do, which is be an economical reliable transportation. I'll never buy an American made car or any other brand other than Toyota. Best car maker hands down.


Yaris a Good and Reliable Vehicle

I have owned my Toyota 2007 Yaris since it was new. It is, now, 2023 and my car has had no brake changes, no tune ups, no major repairs of any kind. I had Corollas in the past and thought the Yaris was a better and a cheaper car. The Yaris and my Ford Truck have proven to be the most reliable and longest lasting vehicles I have ever owned in my 46 years of driving. I still recommend a Yaris to anyone who want a low maintenance, well built, long lasting, inexpensive car to get around town. Bravo! Toyota — Bravo, Yaris.



I have a '07, 2 dr. hatchback, only owner(48, white, female). This is by far the most dependable car I have ever owned. She turns on a dime, I can get through traffic jams and situations that no other car can, and I can squeeze into the smallest of spots- especially parallel parking. In 16 years of ownership I have had just a few repairs but most were maintenance: Brakes- x 2 Rotors/drums - x 1 Coils/spark plugs- x 1 (I will be doing again soon) Serpentine belt- x 3 (this seems to be common & I easily replace it myself) CV Joint- x 1 And a few air filters. Last month I replaced the headlights and it was incredibly easy. The front end popped off and on easy-peasy & she looks 10yrs younger! (the equivalent to Botox) The interior is near perfect, even after 3 teenagers and 4 grandchildren. I have filled that car to the brim with stuff for moving, etc, and people are always amazed how much will fit and very surprised at how roomy the back seating is. The body has minimal, small dents and got its first scratches 6 months ago (arrrgh!) Only 139,650 miles. I am embarrassed to admit that it was only today I learned the trunk transforms into a pet cargo (face palm).


Best car ever

At the beginning, I did´t like it very much. But the years have past and it has proved to be a very reliable car and gives out great mileage. I just love it.


Yaris for Doordashing!

I bought a used 2007 Yaris to use for Doordash. The car was made for dashing! Great gas milage! Easy to park due to it's small size. The car I bought need brakes all the way around. The rears were useless (frozen) and really needed attention. Other than that, no issues! Ice cold air conditioning, great heater, AM and FM radio with CD player. This car has 5 spd., manual transmission. For me, the only thing lacking is, cruise control. Based on other reviews, I plan on driving this car for a long time. Right now it has 174,398 miles on it.... Will I see 300,000? I hope so!


First car & still going strong

I am under the impression this is a states website, but figure I’ll add my 2 cents in. I currently own a 2007 Toyota Yaris hatchback. Blue! With some hints of rust along the wheel wells. I bought this car in 2009, was used, I was told it was in an accident and they no longer wanted it. It had 60,000 km / 37280 miles on it at the time of purchase and currently 290,000 km/180200 miles. This is the one thing in my life over the last 11 years that’s given me stability, safety, comfort and reliability. At first I thought it was ugly and did not anticipate on keeping it all that long. As time has passed, I am realising that this car is worth every penny. In fact, can’t put a price on her. Moved homes several times, packed her full to the brim — Very spacious Issues: Exhaust! I am currently on my 3rd incident where the pipe has cracked right in the middle, over 11 years I expected this maybe once or twice but three times, a bit upsetting. Rust! I have noticed that the wheel well areas are rusting and the break lines have superficial rust as well, but again nothing of concern, I just worry it will spread and become more problematic. Shocks/suspension slightly rusted as well, but again superficial. ABS break lights always on: since I got the car, I can’t seem to figure out why. Hand break: not working.. either it’s my own doing because of the lack of maintenance or time/lack of using it. Alternator: had to replace at 250,000 km/402336 miles which I am told is not unreasonable. $500 CAN in total. Truck: jammed shut, does not open from the outside, only inside manually. Tried to fix with WD40 but no luck. Transmission flush, oil changes, breaks and wheel bearings which I feel is regular routine maintenance. I have NOT maintained her as well as I could have, truth be told, I feel I have neglected her. Even saying so, she’s running like a dream and is yet to not start when I put the key in the ignition. Even in -20 temperatures. I never fear that she will not start. I did no anti-rust or any preventative measures, I do not know if this would have made a difference. Handles very well in the snow. I have terrible winters here & have driven up north in one of the worst storms and she got me 1 hr up north in white out conditions.. slippy roadways, poor conditions but never feared. I have spun out on the highway only once and was able to regain control quickly and efficiently and avoided a collision. Accelerates efficiently enough to merge safely onto the highway. Does not like going too much over 120km/hr or 75 miles/hour, is loud and starts to shake, but I have comfortably got up to 140km/hr (sorry for the police here) and she drove just fine, it’s sustainable as well for a distance. I know I neglected her being ill experienced with car maintenance, as this is my first car, but regardless she has never let me down. If you want a reliable and relatively low maintenance vehicle, this is the one for you. Currently she needs a new wheel barring, front shaft, and exhaust. I am debating on what to do, the mechanic said beside those three things she is in full working order with no foreseeable concerns. Mechanically she is sound. Fuel efficient, spacious, reliable, inexpensive, few trips to the mechanic over 11 years. 10/10 I do recommend, will not let you down.


one of the best cars I have owned

I got this car when it was a year old and said it was the best until today. I have never seen a car rust so bad in this area and when it let go I went for a ride thank God my grandkids weren't there. The back broke loose with no warning.when I was getting it towed the truck driver just shock his y ead and said Totota should of done something adout these cars long ago.He said he's seen quit a few just like this and some people didn't make it through it.As it stands now I g Ave NE car can't drive mine because the back wheel is in the trunk it's rusted so bad it would have to be all replaced to be safe and how safe would I feel driving it. After all of this Toyota just turns there back on you dob't return phone calls to me not 1 of them will give me a answer. But when we want to buy a car from them it's a different story now they come running with bells on........


Most Reliable Car I've Owned

This car met all my needs. It has plenty of leg room in the front and the back. The Yaris is a very reliable car.


Still driving at 240,066 miles ...

I purchased this car to saved on gas while commuting when gas price was reaching over $4 per gallon. I did not expect this car to continue operating after 13 years of driving, but wow was I wrong.