Cadillac Changes All Model Names To Alphanumeric, Starts With CT6, etc.

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Cadillac has a range-topping, high-tech flagship on the way that’s positioned above the current CTS and XTS in the lineup. It won’t wear a throwback, prestigious Cadillac name but rather CT6. The CT6 brings in a new era of Cadillac naming convention to adorn future Cadillac cars and SUVs. Car models will wear the “CT” letters followed by a number relative to the size and position in the brand’s hierarchy, according to Cadillac. Theoretically, a CT4 would be positioned between the range-topping CT6 and entry-level CT2; not a glamorous lineup at first glance.

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Infiniti made a similar move for the 2014 model year with its QX SUVs and Q cars while even further back, Lincoln switched to its MK name lineup. Do you know what an Infiniti QX70 is? Yeah, we had to look it up too.

The difference with Cadillac, which will hopefully work better than the easily forgettable Infiniti and Lincoln model names, is the introduction isn’t immediate. The CTS isn’t going to show up next year unchanged but with a new badge. Cadillac plans to introduce the new naming convention on only redesigned or all-new models, calling the change an “evolutionary process,” in a statement. photo by Evan Sears

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