NEWS Launches #FamilyCarAdvice Program

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Keeping the stress out of car shopping is much easier said than done, especially when it comes to welcoming your first child or keeping up with your growing family. That’s why is unveiling a series of #FamilyCarAdvice resources to help ease the car shopping process for expectant and established families alike. has enlisted its panel of Expert Moms — journalists Kristin Varela, Jennifer Newman and Jennifer Geiger — to share their experiences, knowledge and opinions on all things family driving. They will provide the thinking behind the #FamilyCarAdvice online resources, a YouTube series, family-car reviews, safety advice, shopping tips and much more.

Family Research and Resources Made Easy

Last year, our team did a lot of in-depth research on car shoppers, revealing that the people most apt to buying a new or new-to-them vehicle are those going through pivotal life changes, such as a growing family.

To help parents find car shopping resources more easily, we’re creating a new page,, which serves as a hub for all of their family car shopping needs. Here, parents can find a wide variety of unbiased editorial articles, buying tips, safety advice, lifestyle guides, editor’s picks, YouTube videos and more.

We know that a growing family can definitely be cause for a new vehicle, and we’re excited to provide helpful tools for parents during this joyful, but admittedly stressful, time.

#FamilyCarAdvice Infographic

Need help taking that first step in car shopping? has developed an interactive infographic designed by our team of Expert Moms that leads parents through a series of questions before unveiling which vehicle type is best-suited for their family’s needs.

Being parents, our expert moms understand how stressful finding the right family-friendly vehicle can be and the many things to consider, from the number of children you have to your daily driving route to cargo space.

The #FamilyCarAdvice infographic below helps call attention to these key considerations to help families find a starting point when looking for a vehicle that fits their family’s unique needs.

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One-on-One With Expert Moms

Throughout 2014,’s Expert Moms will travel to Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston to talk with parents one-on-one about their vehicle needs. Families can stop by and ask questions, watch helpful demonstrations, learn about car-seat safety and win prizes through family-friendly games.

Parents will also be able to view the 2014 award-winning family vehicles side by side, each offering unique features and qualities perfect for any family’s needs.

The vehicles that will be featured at these events are:

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