Design Teams Use Tacomas to Create the Ultimate Support Vehicle


Those with great memories may remember the custom-built, skinned-with-Rhino Lining Toyota Tundra designed by Nate Adams, a top-level extreme sport and motocross rider, from the . We thought he did a pretty good job of incorporating a ton of cool features and capabilities into the truck that made it the perfect racing support pickup truck. It had hidden storage and tools, slide-out ramps, dual air compressors and flip-up side panels. DC Shoes, one of Adams' sponsors, created the truck especially for him. Now Toyota has taken this concept one step further.

As part of a triple-team Toyota Tacoma buildup project, DC Shoes has reached out to professional snowboarder likka Backstrom, professional skateboarder Matt Miller and Adams. Each heads up a design team that has been challenged to create the ultimate support vehicle — using a brand-new Tacoma as the base — that complements their respective sport. So far the trucks don't look too crazy, but there's still time. In fact, there is a Facebook page where you can look at the designs and cast your own vote for the most impressive and outrageous Tacoma project truck.

Although no announcements have been made about where Toyota will reveal the truck (we're guessing the 2013 Specialty Equipment Market Association show in November), voting runs through Aug. 31. Check out the video below, then click on the short story to find the link to record your vote.







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