Navigation System Shows the Way, on Windshield

When a driver uses a GPS navigation device, he or she must inevitably spend a moment trading glances between the road and a small screen in order to confirm turns or find out which street is which. Virtual Cable hopes to eliminate this minor hazard with a new technology that plants the directions right on the windshield.

Rather than a disembodied female voice directing your way in a lifeless monotone, the navigation system displays a thin red line on the windshield that directs the driver through each turn or change in direction.

According to, the technology has not made it past the video demonstration stage, though creators hope to bring it to production vehicles in the near future. The company says the system would cost somewhere around $400 as an option, but considering current manufacturer equipped navigation packages are in the $2,000 range, we doubt this will be a low cost option.

If you’re having trouble imagining how a red line on your window would help guide your driving, you’re not alone. Virtual Cable, however, does not foresee a system of two-dimensional arrows blinking on and off in your line of sight. Through the use of lasers and mirrors, the line itself will appear in three dimensions outside of the car, leaving no question about which way it is pointing.

The patent is still pending on the technology, but the system would supposedly make the driving directions nearly idiot-proof and allow plenty of time for lane changes and other adjustments.

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