Prices for Spray-In Bedliners Vary by Region



Part of owning a pickup truck is understanding that the bed of your truck will take abuse. What happens to the body and paint as a result of that abuse depends on what type of protection you have. It's no secret there are plenty of companies that want to sell you something they promise will meet your needs and put money in their pocket. But that's not good enough.

DualLiner, a drop-in bed liner company, commissioned Spork Marketing to do a survey of independent spray-in bedliner businesses across the country to see how their prices and products compared. We thought the resulting information was interesting enough to share.

The survey included 250 businesses that offer spray-in bedliners and other bed-protection products. Prices varied depending on where a company was located, with the highest quoted price more than $600 and the lowest at $335. Average pricing for a spray-in full-size bed liner was right around $450; the spray-in process takes about four hours and requires an appointment.

All new half-ton pickup trucks offer a factory-installed spray-in liner, which is likely to be the most economical way to protect the bed of your new truck from scratches and dents, but there could be more economical choices in your area as well. We believe in doing your research to determine which option — spray-in, drop-in, bed rug or a simple cut of rubber — is best for your truck given the type of work you're most likely to do. Here's some information to get you started on your research.

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