Ram Long-Hauler Could Set a New Towing Standard


Our friends at Truck Trend magazine recently published a Ram HD Long-Hauler story about the custom one-off Concept Ram HD that back in May with a full list of aftermarket suppliers that contributed to its design. We said at the time it was going to be very busy on the show circuit, traveling around the country, attempting to gauge interest as to whether Ram HD should put the vehicle into production. A final decision has yet to be made but we're guessing it must be getting close. As a niche long hauler for those who have brutal trailers to tow from state to state, this seems like a no brainer. The truck seems to combine all the things we love: brutal towing capacity, extra-large fuel tanks and a size that will dwarf any other full-size pickup on the road. 

More of a downsized big-rig towing tool than anything else, this concept truck was put together by Ram to show off how, with just a few modifications to a Ram HD 5500 chassis, you could have the ultimate hauler. The MegaCab Long-Hauler is more than 24 feet long, has a dry weight of 9,300 pounds, and its frame is stretched more than two feet.

Custom modifications include a bladder-busting extended-range fuel tank by Transfer Flow, significant suspension upgrades by big-truck experts Kelderman Engineering, tons of interior mods, a fridge/freezer and much more.  

You can find out more about the suppliers at Truck Trend, but we’re pushing Ram Truck pretty hard to let us have some seat time in the truck. It’s apprently quite popular on the show circuit, so we’ll have to wait our turn in line. But it should be all finished with those committments by December. More to come.


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