Saturn Prices All-New Astra Hatchback


Instead of hearing about pricing for the new Astra two- and four-door hatchbacks through the standard channels, we were forwarded a brochure from Saturn’s regular old website, On the last page of the brochure is a breakdown of pricing for the three available models, which start at $15,995 and top out at $19,820, including destination charges.

However, the base XE model’s low tag of $15,995 doesn’t include air conditioning, which is a $960 option, bringing the total to $16,955. We’re a bit dismayed car companies are still trying this tactic to keep advertised prices low, when in reality buyers won’t be able to find said $15,995 Astra on a dealer lot.

The low-end price still doesn’t compete with the Dodge Caliber or Mazda3, but at the top level it’s almost identically priced to the competition. For the full list of prices and options, read below. The new Astras will go on sale this fall. Don’t forget to tell us if you think the price is right.

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