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Stay the xxxx away. This place is garbage. Car was taken in and told it would be worked on that day. Nothing. Said it would be worked on the next day nothing. The day after they did work on it. Now Im not a mechanic but I told them it was the altenator. No it is a bad batter. Call back what was the problem? It was the alternator. So I pick it up start driving the car acting like it wasnt trying to pull and go especially up hills. So it made it home. The next morning I wake up check all my things on my car like I normally do and to my suprise my hose from the radiaotor to the coolant was taken off. So these guys were trying to sabotage my vehicle so I could take it back for more repairs. I hooked the hose back and no problem. They are nothing but money loving people. The killing part is I had to call and see was my car ready. All xxxx day they were at work and no call to tell me it was ready. Stay away from this place.


Jeep rubicon

We saw the Jeep online and called and spoke with Melissa Wiggins. Between calls and texts from us out of state , she sent pictures and made the purchase easy and exciting . Had it delivered to our front door 6 hours away that night !


Worst experience ever!!!

We took our vehicle in to have minor service. They pulled it in and started, 3 hours later the only Diesel mechanic there was in another room joking around with other workers. Several other times he quit just to walk off and talk or work on another car leaving me waiting, stuck at this place. I asked about a loaner and they responded they don't do loaners anymore, so I was stuck waiting on this guy to do his job when he felt like it. I do not recommend this place, I'm sure Joe blow would have been done by now. Heck I would have done it myself if Dodge sold their parts at other locations!!! I'm livid! Don't waste your time and get stuck at this place!!!!!


No hassle to buy

This is my second suv to buy from Sunset and my experience with both was great. All the associates were very polite and helpful. They went way out of their way to accommodate. There were many phone calls and texts to Darla with questions about this suv and that suv and she came right back with all the answers. She and Shaq made a trip to our home so I could sign the papers to purchase the suv. Great teamwork.


Dodge Charger

I bought a 2006 Dodge Charger from Kirk brothers in Grenada the service technician Mike was rude he yelled to other employees or customers that he got a lady on the phone that won’t get off now I have five recalls one of them is service brakes, hydraulic which in the event I could try to stop and crash he seemed not concerned at all and they told Tyler Kirk of Kirk brothers in greenwood he could not have it towed there for me unless I pay the fee



They were very kind and respectful when I went into the dealership to have my car serviced. They even had to pick me up because I'm not from the area.


Dissatisfied Loyal Customer

I've been a loyal customer for over 4 years now. I always have gotten my Jeeps serviced with them. However, in the past few months they've increased prices tremendously on simple fixes, like oil changes. I went in for an oil change only to find out the price had increased by $40+...and they didn't tell me until after the service. The lady at the service desk told me I need to go online for coupons if I want cheaper prices. Fast forward to today...I went in for an inspection and oil change. The receptionist had an attitude as she told me to "wait a few minutes because I have people in front of you." I waited patiently for her to return, presented my coupons to her, then she said "you have to print those off." There is nothing written on ONLINE coupons saying that. I nicely left and have no thoughts of returning. I've always bragged on Sunset, but that's in the past now.


Poor service department

On May 23rd, I called the Sunset Chrysler dealership and spoke with a lady in service. My 2006 Jeep Wrangler was leaking oil from a worn rear main seal. I told the lady what was wrong with it and she put me on hold to get a quote on parts and labor. Came back on the phone gave me my quote and asked if I could bring it in Thursday May 26th at 8 am. She stated that it was a 3.5 hour job and that they can get me taken care of that day. Called Wednesday May 25th to confirm appointment. Showed up May 26th 7:30 am. Left my keys with the manager and told him who I was and he said we will get you right in. I stepped across the road to get me a bite of breakfast. I came back over to Sunset Chrysler at 9 am to wait in waiting room. I looked out across the shop and saw Jeep was up on racks. Periodically, I checked the shop to see if anyone was working on it and it wasn't being touched. At 10:45, I stepped out of the waiting room and spoke with who I'm assuming is the service manager. I asked him how my Jeep was coming along. He said hold on and let me check. He came back and said that the technician had ordered the parts and that he should have me ready Friday. I told the service manager that I was told it would get taken care of same day. He just sat back puzzled. I asked them if they had drained any oil out because I really needed to get back to work. He left and checked and came back with another service rep and stated that no oil had been drained and they dropped it down from the rack. I told them that I would just get it fixed locally because I wasn't driving an hour back to their dealership when I was told that it would get taken care of the same day it was brought in. The service rep then stated that he would have to charge me for his technician pulling it on the rack and diagnosing the leak(after I had already stated where and why it was leaking). I told him that I didn't believe that was fair but that I would pay it. Neither one of them said I'm sorry or gave me any condolences. The bill was $107!!!! So I was charged an hour to pull it on the racks. Take your money elsewhere folks. This place does not deserve any of your hard earned cash.


OIl change and tire rotation on my 2015 Ram truck.

I bought new and have been getting my Truck 2015 Ram serviced at Sunset and am very pleased with the Service department! Thank you!


Excellent service

Never gotten anything but excellent service from this dealership. Jason Neal and Hal Martin have gone out of their way to accomidate.Always excellent service from the service dept.bought my last 3 Jeep Grand Cherokees from this dealership.

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