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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(35 reviews)

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Scammers!! Do not buy from these people.

I can’t spread the word enough. Do NOT buy from this dealership. They are scammers and will not think twice about selling you a piece of junk car, which they did to my son. They then blamed him for the problems the car was having. My son tried to sell it or trade it in but other dealers wouldn’t touch it. They said it should have been sold for scrap. Instead, it was stapled back together and Albo sold it. Even Albo wouldn’t buy it back for what my son paid them. They clearly knew what they were selling. STAY AWAY!!!


Top Notch, Fair and Honest Salesman

I can't tell you what a privilege it was to find and buy a car at this small auto store. Leo was above and beyond what EVERY reputable dealer should strive to be; honest, straight to the point, and most importantly, fair! I was literally in and out within 20 minutes of taking the test drive which is the fastest I've ever purchased a car. He went above and beyond and I will forever be grateful. His store will be the first place I recommend people to check out before anyone else.


Great dealer!!

I purchased a used car here at a very reasonable price. Shortly after arriving in the U.S., they were very polite to me even my English communication skill is not so good. They were so quick to maintain my car!! I've had many bad experiences at other car dealer in the US but not with Albo Auto Sales! I am grateful to have been able to purchase a car from Leo here and to have met him. Thank you so much!


Easy to buy, fast and painless

Was in and out under 30 minutes. Small family dealerhsip, they kept thing simple. You can spend an entire day in a big store, cant deal with all that.


Good cars, better service!

Came in to buy a car after searching through some local dealerships. Was happy to find a nice family owned buissness. They helped work with me on price since I had a tight budget to work with. Happy to find they also service cars and will be supporting this local small buissness for some time!!


Happy Corolla Buyer

We were in a market for a used Corolla. Albo had the best condition Corolla for the price. He let us take it to our mechanic for inspection and we found no problems. Leo registered the car for us and we had plates the same day. Great experience! Thanks!


Awesome Service

Thank you Boris & Leo for your help in getting the car for my son he is very happy with his purchase you guys are awesome !!

Dealer response

Thanks for the purchase Tony! Great doing business with you! Stop by for your first oil change on us!


Great Lot

This is the kind of used car dealer that you always hope to find. It is very clear that Leo is only interested in selling quality cars that customers will be satisfied with a week, a month, and a year later. His inventory is first-rate, slightly older stock, but all stuff that has been well taken care of and maintained. I found a 2004 Civic Hybrid on the site and it was exactly as advertised. Low miles, clean, and well maintained. I've driven it 40 miles now... and I haven't quite used a gallon of gas yet. Exactly the car I wanted. I can't recommend Albo Auto Sales more highly. If you're looking for a reliable used car that you'll get a 100k miles from, from a dealer you can trust. This is the place.


Albo Auto Sales Trouble

I was searching for a quality vehicle and came across one listed by Albo Auto Sales. I am located in Wichita, KS and Albo Auto Sales is located in Palatine, IL. I read a review about how wonderful they were to work with and that they had picked up a potential buyer from out of state at the train station and the transaction went well for them. I did my research and have to admit I was very happy to see such good reviews about Albo Auto Sales. I contacted them and arranged to have the vehicle taken into the specific dealer (in this case the closest Chevrolet dealer) and requested a full inspection. When it was completed I made arrangements to pay via CC but was told they would not take a CC from out of state. Leo, the person that I was working with paid for the charge. That made me feel very comfortable working with Albo Auto Sales as that required some trust on their part. I worked with Leo on negotiating a deal we could both accept and we came to an agreement. All of this was done via email and text and I have a complete electronic paper trail verifying everything. A repair that was needed was agreed to be fixed by Leo and then later confirmed as being completed, again by Leo. My son and I took the train trip from Wichita to Palatine and picked up the vehicle. On the 800 mile plus trip home the ?check engine? light came on. Bummer but it was a used car and these things happen. I took the vehicle to have it checked and while they were doing that they looked over the entire vehicle. They found that the previously mentioned repair had actually not even been done. I contacted Leo via email and asked what exactly had been done during the ?repair? process that they told me was completed. He referred me to his father Boris. I called Boris and asked. His answer was ?nothing?. He says he looked at the drive axels and neither was leaking. I pointed out that not only had the dealership verified a leak on both axels during their inspection but that Leo had confirmed the leaks and had said they were fixed. Boris, the owner said he will not pay to fix them even though I have an email trail from them acknowledging the leaks and even saying they were fixed. He did not care and hung up on me. Now I am stuck with a vehicle needing repairs that were not only agreed upon to be fixed but was told they were fixed and the owner refuses to do anything. I have emailed Leo and am awaiting his response but the fact that he is the son and his father Boris is the owner I am not holding my breathe. At this point all I can verify is that Albo Auto Sales agreed to fix something, said they had fixed it, but never did and now refuse to honor their written word. I will update you on whether the Son rectifies the situation. For now, my recommendation is to avoid these guys at all costs.

Dealer response

It was a small miscommunication and everything got resolved. We paid for the customer to have repairs done at the dealer. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Honest people to deal with and high quality cars.

I just bought a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and could not be happier with it! Leo was very patient through all the troubles with financing and was always an email away with any questions I might have. He is very quick to respond to any issues that you may face in the process of buying a vehicle and does not play games. He is honest and straightforward. Don't let the small shop fool you into thinking this is not a reputable business. He has a large inventory of reasonably priced cars and trucks and will work with you on making a deal that you are happy with. Overall, this is how car buying should be. No games, no gimmicks, just good, honest, friendly business deals.

Dealer response

Thank you Philip, enjoy your Jeep! I really enjoyed working with you and your family.