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(39 reviews)

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Cadillac Man

Purchasing a vehicle from Rick was a sublime experience. No hassles, no sales push, just "What do you want"? "Let's get the vehicle you want". Rick worked non-stop until he found the ideal car we wanted. We got the car we wanted at the price we wanted. Financing was not an issue either. This was easily the best automobile purchase we have ever had. We highly recommend Rick and his colleagues to anyone wanting a great vehicle at an even better price!


New Fan

If you are looking for a car and don't want the hassle and relentless sales pitches of all the big dealers Rick is your man!!! He will walk you through the entire process from narrowing down your search for exactly what you want or need in a vehicle, show you the options that are available and even help you and show you what will work for the payments you can afford or what will work in your budget. Rick got me 2% financing through one of the many credit unions that trust him to do all of your paperwork and financing right in his office. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.


Great experience

We made an appointment with VCH and took a 3 hour ride to get there. I search the internet for this 2011 Grand Sport Vette convertible and VCH had it on site. We were given the opportunity to inspect the car fully. Inside and out, as well as underneath and engine bay. Negotiating with VCH went well. We agreed on a selling price and made the deal that day. VCH is not a dealer showroom. They are a dealer wholesaler. So the positive is that you are not high pressured in buying a car; and the negotiating is just between you and VCH. No second or third level sales people involved.You are also not subjected the dealer prep charges. VCH does all the paperwork for you and you drive away in your new car.


Last 2 Car Purchases. Both experiences were great.

My wife and I have purchased our last two cars from Rick. Both times the experience has been great. We were unsure exactly what kind of car we wanted and he was willing to take the time to show us every make/model we asked to see until we found the what fit our needs.


Great customer service - Rick is on your side

We have just purchased our 2nd car from Rick at VCH. We will never buy a car any other way. Rick will work with you to find what you are specifically looking for and at the price you want. You tell him how much you want to spend and he will find the best deal for you. If you look at a car and want it he will tell you whether you should consider it or not. All cars are not made equally and some are just not a good deal and if that is the case he will not let you buy it. Give Rick a chance and you will never shop at a dealer again!


2nd purchase only way I will buy a car

Just purchased my 2nd car with Rick's help. I wil never walk into a a regular dealership again. You will not either once you buy a car through VCH. I was done with the dishonesty and runaround that comes with buying a car. Rick makes the process very easy and and clear. I may not understand cars but I understand Money and the is also in my opinion the most cost effective way to purchase a car.


Land Rover purchase

I consider myself a pretty knowledgeable 'car guy' and own a number of interesting vehicles. I was searching for a near perfect low mileage example of an 8 year old model car when I first became acquainted with Rick Knap via an ad he had on In my ensuing communications, first by e-mail and then by telephone, I determined he was reliable , knowledgeable and trustworthy. At one point, I asked him "so Rick, when I arrive for my pre purchase inspection, tell me what I will be disappointed in with this car. He proceeded to tell me about two blemishes it had and then sent me detailed photos of them so I would not be surprised. As we got to know each other, I learned he has 30 years experience of buying and selling cars. It turns out he is also a good mechanic so he can quickly evaluate the condition of the vehicles he buys and sells and fixes any deficiencies that need attention. The result is his cars are solid and reliable. His 'showroom' while nothing fancy ( parking area and rejuvenation facility) is strategically located adjacent to one of the countries largest used car auction sights. Rick has daily access to countless 'new' vehicles that pass through this trading facility so if you are looking for something special, he can find and evaluate it quicker and better than most people in this business. When I arrived to inspect my vehicle, it was as Rick had represented. That same day, I drove it 250 miles to its new home without any problems. Yes, I would buy another car from Rick and would recommend him to a friend.


VCH has a new fan!

Rick at Vehicle Clearing House is the best. I told him what I wanted; he went out and found me several options. He helped with picking the right car, he got me financing in no-time, and made the entire process perfectly easy and seamless. I can't imagine buying a car in any other way.


Good Experience

Rick made the purchase of my new car very easy without any issue. He was always available with any questions or concerns that I may have had. Very good car buying experience. Thank you! :)


Used Car Puchase - Great Experience

Was a bit nervous about purchasing used car but the people at VCH made the experience very good - no pressure, very helpful and above that, I believed to get a great deal on a almost new suv. I have had the suv now more than 6 months and the suv has been great - no problems at all and my family and I love it. Will definitly come back when in market.