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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(10 reviews)

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Great service

Randy Gross was great, extremely helpful. We originally went to get a used Sienna but he was able to beat the prices of other dealers with a new car! Our day of running around shopping was a one stop shop thanks to Seeger!

Dealer response

Thanks Martin!


Great experience!

Stopped in last Friday morning (8/17) to shop for my first used car. Several family members have purchased from Seeger before, and I was the next in line. I liked that we could park and browse the lot without being immediately inundated. David Kastner was the first to approach after a few minutes and was very friendly and courteous. He asked if we needed assistance and could tell we were casually shopping and wanted to give us space to do so . Sal Valenti then took us under his wing as our search narrowed. I appreciate the professional, but not over the top/gaudy service or desperation you feel from some shopping environments. My mom and I were well taken care of during our visits. Sal was great on the test drives and during the negotiation and final purchasing. Very easy, laid back, no pressure. Greg Brown was professional and quick during the closing process the following Monday. Paperwork was completed and I was out the door in 45 minutes. Happy with my first experience with Seeger and with my new used car, and would happily refer friends. I plan on being a repeat customer down the road. Thanks Sal and Greg!


First Car Purchase

Jon was a huge help to me. My first purchase and he made sure I was comfortable with the car, monthly lease payments and even handled negotiation for a decent insurance price. The ride to the airport to return my rental was also much appreciated. Hassle free experience.


Found the right car

Salesman Randy Gross was courteous, knowledgeable and partnered with me in choosing the right car for me. Having been a customer of Seeger Toyota for the last ten years, I am confident the great customer service will continue in the future.





William Shanks

Transparency and excellent customer service. Salesman Tom Hayes was very personable and makes me want to come back for my next car. William Shanks


Worst dealership I've ever been to

Obviously a reason for only 3 reviews of this place......word must be out to stay clear of this dealership. I found out the hard way however. I'm 56 and should have known better throughout the process, but lesson learned. Couldn't agree on a price while at the dealership which is about an hour from home so we left. Got home and had 3 messages on my phone, and saw another 3 calls on the caller ID from the salesman. Called him back and he said they "found" a way to meet my price. This was nearly $3000 difference. I told him he should have found a way while I was there and I was no longer interested. He called right back and honestly said he "had time invested in this sale and if he didn't make it, he didn't get paid" it was my fault. I reminded him that he sat right across a table from me and told me what his bottom line was and he could do nothing more. I told him that was just like "stealing" from someone to look them in the eye and say this is the bottom line hoping I will say "OK".....then call after I leave and say OK, we can come down on the price. I told him I was no longer interested and hung up. He called again and I let my wife answer the phone. After talking for awhile, she handed me the phone and the salesman apologized and wanted me to return and purchase the vehicle. I told him I'd think about it. Total calls from this man was 12 in one afternoon! After a lot of discussion with my family, I called him back and said we'd take it "if" I could keep the better/more expensive existing wheels/tires from my present vehicle and have them put on the new one. He balked at that, so I said no deal. He called back again and said to come in and they would do the exchange. Bottom line, I drove an hour back to the dealer, spent the next 4 hours at the dealership waiting for them to change out the wheels after doing all the paperwork. During the paper work, the price was "changed" to the higher price originally discussed and then some type of "seeger cash" deducted afterward....which meant I paid taxes on the higher price, not the agreed to price. I should have walked out right there, but I didn't. While I was there, I was treated as though I had asked for the salesman's first born child......very cold. When it was finally ready, he pulled the vehicle up, handed me the keys and walked back into the dealership. A couple weeks later I sent a long letter to Mr. Seeger explaining my experience just for the record. He never responded. Only good thing to come from it was the learning experience my kids received on how badly people can treat you and hopefully not make the same mistake I did.


Inaccurate website information

The vehicle description on was for a Prius four. The actual vehicle matching the vin number was a Prius three. Not happy with inaccurate information.


A Horrible Dealership, Managers, Staff

I purchased a new 2014 Avalon Limited after driving large SUV's for 16 years. A week after purchasing the car, I informed my salesman that I was not happy with the car and what were my options to undo the deal, trade it back in, etc. I had not even paid sales tax nor registered the car and the legally the car was still owned by them. After two days, the salesman called me back and informed me that his new car manager would be happy to take my vehicle back along with $8,000 and he would put me in a new Highlander which the sticker price was the same as the Avalon. I was appalled and felt extremely insulted on how they came up with those numbers. I felt I needed to escalate this to the GM and contacted Andy Seeger. He seemed to not care that I was not happy with the car and said that he would check with his new car manager to see what the numbers were and get back to me. He did the next day and basically told me the same thing. The car depreciates and that its not worth what I paid for it one week prior. I explained that it made me feel I was ripped off and overpaid for a car that a week prior wasn't even worth what he was telling me. I told him I would no longer be entertaining the thought of getting rid of it for that price and was very unhappy with the whole outcome. Fast forward to present and I have been having issues with the tire pressure monitoring and contacted the service dept at the dealership. The service advisor asked me to bring the car in and he would take a look at it. In the meantime, I had one of my employees check the air in the tires and he noticed that the front left rim had 4 very large gouges in the wheel itself. He called it to my attention and I said there is no way I did that damage to my new car in the last 6 weeks of owning it. There are no marks whatsoever on the tire to indicate that type of damage to the wheel and somehow I unfortunately overlooked it at the time of delivery which was at 8:30 in the evening nor the last few weeks of the having the car. I immediately contacted the same service man and told him what I just discovered and he said to get the car in as soon as possible. I took the car in yesterday morning and he observed the damage to the car. He agreed that there was way I could have sustained the damage myself and that it had of been there upon delivery of the vehicle 6 weeks prior and I had overlooked it. This new car came from another Toyota dealership in the St. Louis area and came with 306 miles on it upon delivery to me. Another thing I was unaware of at the time of delivery. Anyway he wrote up a service ticket and said that he would have someone check the air in the tires and sent myself and my son up the waiting area. 15 minutes later he came to the waiting lobby and said that they were finished and he would be ordering my a new wheel and would call me when it came in. My son and I then left. 3 hours later I received a call from his manager and said after reviewing the service call that they would not be replacing the wheel that it was my responsibility and that I did the damage. I emphatically responded that I did not and this was unfair that I was told they would order a new one and now they are reversing their offer. The man was extremely rude to the point that I was very mad at this situation and how it was being handled and hung up on him. I then made a call to the salesman who turned it over to the General Manager that I already had a negative experience with. I received a phone call from the GM at approx. 6 pm yesterday evening informing me that this was the decision and that I was responsible. I again explained that I was absolutely positive that I did not nor was responsible for this and he defiantly argued with me and even suggested that maybe someone had "beaten my wheel with a golf club" which was absolutely absurd. I continued to explain that the last 6 weeks


Seeger toyota

They were great in the used car department. They were very professional and I think it was Larry that helped me. He was wonderful.

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