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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(7 reviews)


Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(7 reviews)

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Quality used car

I bought a great used car from Buddy`s, they took care of everything. Very cool dealership. I would purchase a used car from them again.


Do they want to sell cars?

This dealership was recommended to me by a reliable company that I trust. I looked on line at their used cars, and called about one that looked good ... they said it was sold the previous week. I tried again a couple of weeks later. I called and left a message. No response. I tried a third time on line. They invite you to contact them via text message, and I did, requesting that they text or email ... no response.


Save yourself a headache & steer clear

Stay away from this place - I allowed Charlie to bring my car there to assess if he was interested in buying it from me. I am physically disabled, have been struggling to be able to walk again. I just want a fair price for my car. Now that I'm feeling better and able to take the car elsewhere for offered, Charlie won't return it to me unless I pay them for "storage"! Please don't make the mistake of trusting this so called "Christian" business.



Unhappy 😞 can't explain my feelings never again will I trust any private car seller . Made a promise to a friend of mine and didn't keep it


Very happy

My wife bought a Sante Fe their 2 years agol. Steve helped us so we could get the car withing our budged. Made sure it was in good condition when we picked it up.


Best customer service!

The car I was I went to see was exactly as described. The mechanics there were the nicest people I have ever dealt with in my life, very helpful. Tested the car as many times as I needed before purchase. They also offer to make all repairs necessary to the car before delivery. But most of all, you can feel it is a family business and that they do care about customer service and their clients. I will gladly buy another car from Buddy's.


Not as described.

Car was described on the phone as in very good condition and I would "not be disappointed". Went and looked at it and it was very poor. Did not test drive. Missing hubcaps, door panels falling apart, leather seats looked like something had bitten them in many places and were heavily scratched, hood misaligned. Wasted my day.

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