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This seller has been on since November 2012.
Dado Motors LLC is a small family-owned and family-run business built on strong core values of its employees; catering to San Antonio surrounding areas. Our mission is to improve the vehicle-buying experience one customer at a time.
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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(55 reviews)

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Highly Recommend

Bought 2 cars from here. Great customer service and great buying experience. They won’t sell you a broken car. You can trust them to do the job right.


Very happy customer

I've purchased two cars from Dado Motors, so happy with both purchases. They were great at answering all my questions and the buying process was quick and easy. I highly recommend them for your next purchase.



I do not recommend this place for a vehicle. I bought a 2013 Jetta GLI, drove off the lot with no issues a few days later multiple issues, took to a mechanic and it was going to cost me about 3000$ to fix the issues. After going back and forth with this dealer and my finance company because I had not even paid my first payment , they( Dealership) finally decided to fix some of the issues but not all. Mind you I bought this car in November 2019 . I was sold a warranty*DO NOT BUY IT ITS WORTHLESS*, every time there is an issue, the warranty NEVER fixes it and I mean NEVER. I am in the process of seeing if I can at least get that taken off my note since I am paying for something I can never use. Today I was denied VW extended warranty for intake manifold replacement and the warranty did not authorize coverage , so I am looking at 1100 plus tax out of my pocket to fix. The dealership knew of this issue as they gave me paperwork after they fixed the car in November to call about extended warranty , they called VW knew it wasn't covered and failed to fix it! I should have known better when my bank denied a loan to purchase this vehicle , stating that they have been red flagged by the bank as a deceptive dealership! BUYER BEWARE . I would never recommend this place to anyone EVER!

Dealer response

Hi Lisa, Let's examine this! After you bought the car, as you stated, a few days later the car had issues. Your mechanic quoted you $3,000 for the repairs. We fixed those issues and charged you how much? Nothing. Very "deceptive" of us, right? The warranty, that you claim is worthless, covers the following: 1. Engine internals (all internal lubricated parts including camshaft, crankshaft, pistons, piston rings, oil pump, timing chain etc.); 2. Transmission (internal components of the transmission); 3. Differential (all internal components); 4. Cooling system (water pump, thermostat; 5. Fuel System (fuel pump, pressure regulator, fuel injectors); 6. Turbocharger; 7. CV Joints; 8. Steering (steering box internal components, racn and pinion, bearings, shafts etc); 9. Electrical System (alternator, starter, windshield wiper motor, cooling fan motor, heater blower motor, horn, power windows etc); 10. Air Conditioning (compressor, dryer, expansion valve). As you can tell, it covers quite a few components. Intake manifold is not one of them. Regarding your intake manifold in the first place, why does it have to be replaced? I am guessing you have a check engine light on? So, the dealership denied to fix the intake manifold even though those intake manifolds have warranty extensions on TSI CCTA engines for 10 years / 120,000 miles? (Your car is 7 years old with way less than 120K miles.) Did they give you a reason for the denial? After the dealership denied the warranty extension, it never occured to you that you could call me and see what can be done? You would rather do it all this way? That's ok! I enjoy productive discussions! Even after all this, I tried to be helpful and called you, but you did not want to answer. You claim that we knew of this issue. There was no issue with the intake manifold at the time of purchase. However, I also know that VW has warranty extensions for the intake manifolds on CCTA engines, so I gave you the paperwork for it because your car has the CCTA engine and in case this issue ever happens to your car. Excuse me for passing on that information to you! Your claim for "deceptive dealership" is my favorite! Your credit union stated that we are flagged in their system. Why do they still do business with us? Would you like me to tell you? Here: There was a customer who wanted to buy a vehicle from us and use the credit union to finance it. Just like hundreds of other customers who have financed our cars through credit unions, he went to the branch and did his part. The bank stated that there was a red flag for us because the CarFax report had the odometer discrepancy warning on it. Would you like to know why? The car's mileage was around 90K. The state inspection station, to which we took the car to have the state inspection performed, recorded 9K miles instead of 90K. Obviously, they ommited one zero and caused all the ruckus. You wonder why that credit union still does business with us since they have us red flagged? Because anyone with a tad of common sense can analyze the information right in front of them and see that this was a mistake entered at the inspections station. Each CarFax report records entries for different services and records mileage with each. Anyone with that tad of common sense could see that all the entries were consisten, going from 5 miles, then a few months later to 4K miles, then a few months later to 8K miles, then 15K, 20K, 30K, 40K, 50K, 60K, 70K, 80K, 90K. All of a sudden, the next entry is 9K. Obviously it was a clerical mistake because the car's mileage was 90K, which was consistent with everything else except that last entry entered by a state inspection station. So, that same credit union had one of the employees with common sense who realized what had happened and we were good for doing business with them as always. By the way, $1,100 for the intake manifold replacement? And you think I am the deceptive one? Really? Regardless, I am only a phone call away! Goran


Good small car lot

They are a small shop but are very nice and accommodating and I love my Porsche Boxster I got from them. Def a good honest shop.


Awesome experience

I traded in my car for an older vehicle and the guys at Dado Motors made absolutely sure I was comfortable with my choice. They answered all my questions and provided me with all the information needed to make an educated decision. They were courteous, patient, and professional. Overall, this is a great place to find a great deal and I would highly recommend it.


Great car buying experience.

Went with my daughter to look at a Prius with 90,000 miles, and fairly priced. Found the salesman to be a friendly no pressure, "no nonsense" person, whose attitude was, you like it, you buy it, you don't like it, you don't buy it. We had done our homework to know what to expect from a 7 year old car with that many miles including how much it should cost. Because Dado motors overhead for their small family owned lot is very low, they were offering the car at the lower end of the blue book range. Within an hour, my daughter drove the car off the lot, and she has made several trips across Texas with it, and no disappointments. A really pleasant buying experience and really good car for the price.


Mr Ron Krueger

Enjoyed every step of purchasing my vehicle . All my questions were answered in an easy-to-understand way. I was given a fair price for my trade-in. Best car buying experience I've ever had !


the best

I can't compliment Dado motors enough my car wouldn't start. He came and picked it up, and fixed it for me with noo questions asked. I have never had so much devotion into taking care of their customers. Best of the best. Always impressive.


Master mechanic!

I've had a troublesome VW diesel, pre-scandal. I thought for sure I killed it as I thought I had run it without oil. With a little divine intervention and a lot of Dado's expertise and knowledge, my car's engine has never breathed better. Highly recommend for repairs.


Awesome experience

I wanted a convertible and when I went in to view cars I saw they had Vw eos( convertible ). It felt like it was meant to be for me to have that car. It was a clean car and very nice and affordable. Gordon and dabo helped me out a lot, they helped me understand the buying process. Really present process, really present people, and they have cool accents, maybe Russian or Eastern European. All in all this is a great dealership, from all the dealers I went to this one felt like home and I wouldn't go anywhere else.

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