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This seller has been on since April 2020.
We are ready to serve you! At South Side Imports located in Birmingham AL we take pride in our inventory of quality used cars trucks and SUVs as well as our helpful and professional sales staff. Purchase your next vehicle with us a dealership you can trust and make the car buying process fun again!

We are a small dealership located in downtown Birmingham AL. Our goal is to provide all sorts of vehicles to everyday consumers at wholesale cost. We do accept trade in vehicles. Please call us to schedule an appointment to come see a car!


(46 reviews)

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They owe me 7 grand I bought a 2013 Hyundai Sonata

I bought a 2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Limited on Tuesday, July 21st for 7014.25. Sean and Will assured me that the car would at least be fine for several days. On Friday, July 24th, the car went out on the highway. The car flashes "Hybrid battery low Do not start" and would not start. I alerted them and asked if they could get it towed and fixed by a mechanic. Will assured me it was just the starter battery and refused to help until I bought a starter battery. After I bought it and installed it still didn't work. At this point will starts to say "well I'm not a mechanic", I had to demand assistance even though the car was just bought 2 days earlier. Will assured me they'd tow the next day. It took them 2 weeks to tow the car. After they got the car, every few days they'd come up with a new possible problem and each time it was my fault. ("Hybrid battery has been drained", or "electrical issues from placing jumper cables placed incorrectly" )After 1 more week and repeatedly asking to speak to the owner, Sean Shabani, Sean called me on Saturday, August 15th, and was extremely rude and lied saying that he couldn't get an appointment at the Hyundai dealership for the next week and a half. I called the same Hyundai dealership and they said they had appointments open that upcoming Tuesday and Wednesday. I called and told Sean and he told me he would take it there that Tuesday. I called Tuesday, Will tells me they didn't take it to Hyundai, but to a mechanic, they knew who apparently didn't speak English so I couldn't call him. I call the next day Will tells me there's been an update and Sean will call me that day. Sean didn't call me that day or the next day. At this point, they start to screen my calls. Finally, I call and get through after 3 tries, Will picks up I tells me Sean isn't calling me. He tells me the engine is blown because we drove it on low oil. The car had been driven 4 times and less than 100 miles . There was absolutely no warning before it went out. They refused to assist me further and start to harass me about when I'm going to pick the car up because they had left in an unsafe location. Finally took it to the Hyundai dealership, they say the engine seized through no fault of mine. My family's financial situation has been destroyed by this situation.


SCAMMERS they will se you a LEMON

Very poor place to shop for a car do not go here the service is terrible and they will scam you to buy a car that is a lemon. BUYER BEWARE SCAMMERRS!!!!


Car shopping was a good experience

Im car shopping but not ready to buy just yet. They have a very friendly atmosphere. Was very tempted by the Honda Accord. I will definitely buy from them in the future when I'm ready to purchase.


Not your average used car lot.

Why does THIS MAN own a used car lot?! Let me tell y'all. After purchasing from Southside imports, I realized that Sean is well capable of being the manager of a Mercedes-Benz dealership. Excellent communication, and prompt attention is all we got during the car buying process. He was well aware of his offerings, and we received honest information about the car. My favorite part of our new Jetta is that Sean delivered it with NO Check Engine Lights after he paid to repair an error code that the car was showing. Great man, great company.


Used car

I saw online that they had really nice cars for good prices. So I contacted the dealership and they were very polite and helped me find a car that I really liked for a great price. As soon as I went to the dealership Sean helped me pick the Audi that caught my eye. I test drove it and I knew it was the car that I wanted. He made the process so easy and told me exactly what I was going to be paying. I bought the car and love it!


Great buying experience

Hands down the easiest car buying experience I have ever had. Iman and Sean were both so helpful and helped me get into the right car. I will be back doing business with them.


Wayne DeHart

They refused to refund my security deposit after cancelling the transaction the very next day. They promised to refund my 500 dollar deposit. Shawn pressured me into putting a deposit down because there were other interested parties in the same vehicle. After running a vin # check on the vehicle I found out that it had been in an accident. I cancelled the very next day and was promised a refund. 3 Months later when I finally reached Shawn and not a recording, Shawn stated that all vehicle deposits are non refundable.


97 4Runner

I drove from Memphis to Birmingham to purchase this 4runner from Sean. Sean provided additional photos and videos of the vehicle to assure me that the vehicle was as clean as pictured. Not only did the vehicle meet expectation it exceeded expectations. The whole buying process was very easy and Sean was a pleasure to work with.


2012 Honda Accord

Bought a Honda From here the other day. Great car. Sean was very polite and very reasonable with his prices Lots of good looking used cars there. New and oldBir


Great price on Prius

Dealer feedback: More transparency upfront. (Ironically it'll attract more than scare buyers). Bought Prius 4, 160k miles for $700 under market. Needed new tires and cruise control and plastic underboard. But besides that works great. Excited to have it. Favorite car I've owned. Had it for a month now. New Dealership employee mistakenly missed out on telling me about tires but later reduced price of car. Didnt tell me about broken cruise control or shredded underside. Said it was great condition. Would have appreciated more transparency upfront. Let me have car for entire day to test drive. Would buy again but buyer beware. Come prepared to fully inspect car. It is a whole sale dealership though so that's expected. I liked they're willing to work with buyer. Love the low doc. Fee! About 1/3 of dealerships usually charge. Great prices but buyer beware.

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