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(7 reviews)


Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(7 reviews)

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Stay away.

Stay away from this place. I was told the used vehicle I purchased was safe to drive, and it shut off on me while on the road (taking the power steering with it) a mere 5 DAYS later due to numerous problems, all but one of which were not listed on the contract. "Noise" does not translate to "a few hours of use before catastrophic failure." When asking the dealer for help, I was told they could fix it if I paid their mechanics $60/hour. In other words, they inspected the vehicle, chose NOT to fix a problem despite having the skill to do so, sold the car in near-death condition, then asked for MORE money to fix it. Buyers, look carefully at the other low reviews, and you'll see similar responses from Wenninger each time: "Where does our responsibility end and yours begin?" That should be their motto! Do yourselves a favor and find a more honest dealer with decent customer service. Wisconsin Lemon Laws do not protect used cars, so keep an eye out for red flags like this one.


A dealership with pride honestly is hard find.

I bought a 2012 F150 4X4 it was a no pressure sale, they helped me out with the sales process. IM VERY happy. Thank you 😊


Chrysler 200 2012 bought

Bought a vehicle from there for $4,300, now I have $3,700 worth of repairs now I have 3,700 worth of repairs. All the struts are bad, exhaust leaks thermostat shot, door lock broke that they fixed for free. Everything in the window on the sheet said everything was good, heaters broken inside only one side heats that has to be fixed, I already put $500 into the car and I have another 3000.00 or more to go. Struts in front are broken. Leaking oil, tranny lines are leaking. Funny how everything on the sheet said everything was good. Buyer beware take your car to somebody to check it out apparently they didn't tell me what was going on with the car very disappointed. Now they want me to bring it back so they can service it, are you kidding me!

Dealer response

Lisa, you bought a 2012 Chrysler 200 from us almost two months ago. We told you to bring it by us to look because whatever shop you took it to is clearly trying to take advantage of you. They vehicle was fully inspected, and everything was good on it. When you take a vehicle to a service shop most people do not understand that a mechanics job is to find things wrong with your vehicle. Service shops make a living by finding things wrong with a vehicle that are not necessarily bad. There are often times that parts are still within spec and a shop will tell you they need to be replaced because that is how they make their living. The fact that any shop is telling you that you need $3700 in repairs is asinine. If you would have brought it to us we could have put it on a lift and showed you each item you are concerned with and rectify any issues or concerns you may have to show you the other shops estimate has no merit.


Does not stand behind there vehicles

Buyer beware. Bought a Ford Explorer in May. Only put 6000 miles on vehicle. Maintained properly. Motor blown, broken springs, bad ball joints, and about 25 pages of other issues totaling over $10,000 for repairs! Just talked to the owner and he blamed Ford, he blamed the shop I brought it to, he blamed the driver and basically said that everybody else was at fault! Will never buy from there again and if you do you better get everything checked out by a mechanic at minimum but I would suggest you don’t. This was my daughters first experience buying a car, she saved for it and we put our trust in them and the failed miserably! They ruined her first experience and took her money that should worked hard to save! DO NOT BUY from them! Multiple reviews for cars issues at 8 months. Same excuse every time from the owner. Even apologized for my 19 year old vehicle needing MAINTENANCE, he calls a blown motor, needing a complete front end, $10,000 in repairs, maintenance for less that 6000 miles of driving. If this is how they inspect a vehicle then they suck at it!!

Dealer response

Ray you purchased a 2002 explorer for $2995 eight months ago and put 6,000 miles on it in that time. At what point does our responsibility end and yours begin? I have no control of what you do with it after your purchase. I don’t know if you changed your oil, or did any other maintenance on it. You have driven this vehicle with no complaints for eight months and had no issues otherwise we would have heard from you before now. You brought it to a shop with motor noise and had no complaints other than the motor noise. Suddenly a shop who’s purpose is to find issues and make money generates all these issues that you previously had no issue with. I told you that if you took it by us we could repair it for fraction of the other shops price. We have no control what happens to this vehicle after it leaves our facility. We inspect them to the best of our abilities. This vehicle is 19 years old with higher mileage. They do require maintenance to run. How do you feel that a 19 year old vehicle that you have had for eight months is our responsibility? Unfortunately we do not have a magic eight ball that can predict these things other than is inspecting before we sell it. Clearly you were happy with your purchase for the last eight months or we would have heard about it. I’m sorry your 19 year old vehicle is requiring regular maintenance for its year and mileage.


Great experience and value!

Excellent service, low pressure and all around great experience buying a used truck. Very competitive pricing and upfront about any issues. Zach is professional and responsive, and we recommend wenninger's to anyone wanting a reliable used vehicle. We are happy with our purchase, and glad to give business to a family company instead of the dealer.


Good Experience

Purchased a 2004 Jeep Liberty on 7/25/18. The vehicle looked nice and was very clean. The service was exceptional. All required paperwork was done and all questions answered. I would recommend this place as a good place to get a nice used vehicle. Kevin Munz


Great small town used vehicle dealer

If you are looking for a great value, no frills, used vehicle dealer these guys are a perfect match and embody what you are looking for in a small dealer that is trustworthy and has very friendly dogs to entertain you while you purchase your vehicle. They make buying a vehicle as painless as possible. Definitely would go back again.

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