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    May 10, 2018

    A very long and stressful experience. I lost about $800 even though Jeff told me I could return the vehicle and get all my money back plus an extra $100... for Gas. I had the van in my possession for one week, so $866 was a lot of money to have a car one week. It had some issues so they offered to pay for a warranty so they could have it fixed, and then never used the warranty, they didn't even take it to a reputable dealer for repairs, and while I was told a new transmission was being put in it, they put a used transmission in it, if that was even done at all. It didn't do anything to fix the problem. They don't check these vehicles and that is obvious, because for one, they had no idea the stow and go seats were seized and didn't work. The headlight was out and the entire assembly needed replaced, about $1200 to repair that at a Chrysler Dealer. The Chrysler Dealer told me that no decent dealer would have sold me that. The engine and transmission both were showing multiple misfires. and this was all after I bought the vehicle but they then kept it "to make it right" for me. At one point Jeff told me he would refund my money and I mentioned all the money I paid in taxes and such, and his response was "Name a price and I will pay it, my reputation is more important". However, when I did actually return the vehicle, Jeff was not available and Amy had already written a check for $5000, they kept $100 in document fees, even though I paid additional fees for documents at the tag place, they kept $300 for a bogus warranty that wasn't even written up correctly. I paid for the vehicle on 2/23/2018, and the 90 warranty which Jeff said was all inclusive was dated for 2/2/2018. And when I brought it to Amy's attention, she started filling in all kinds of things on the warranty and at that point told me it was a limited warranty. I am grateful that I was able to take the vehicle back rather than have to file a court claim, however, for a business stating how much they wanted to make it right, I took a big hit for being someone retired and living on a fixed income. I guess if you are lucky enough to get a vehicle with no major mechanical issues you could be happy dealing with these, but please be aware that they are not mechanics and they don't get their vehicles checked out properly before they sell them. I don't even know how this van passed inspection without a headlight and when my son called and told Amy the headlight wasn't working, the day after we drove it home, she simply told him they must have missed it, but she also thought I could go buy a new headlight for $20-30. My feeling is that even though I lost money, they made money off of me, they got commission off the warranty and they kept the Document fee. If they would have paid me back the warranty money and the document money I would have only lost the tax and tag money and I would have felt like they met me in the middle but the loss was all put on me.

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