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Be aware

Be aware, if you want a car from them take it to a good mechanic before you purchase. Should have gone with my gut and skipped the car. Only had the car a couple of months. Told them it was making a wired noise, their mechanic said there was nothing wrong with it. Said that was just how cars sound. Sound got worse and took it to a local mechanic and a major dealership and it only took them a few min to know what was wrong. Once I was able to see and hear it when it was off the ground, I knew exactly where the sound was coming from and could tell by looking at it, it was bad. It's the rear differential in my 2010 Mitsubishi outlander GT with 100,000 on it. Their warranty doesn't really cover the powertrain. I already paid more for the car than I wanted and now I'm looking at 2,500 on repairs. They are not really willing to do anything about it



The day I visited the lot I didnt see anything suitable for my budget so they told me they had a car that was perfect for me but it was out for repairs. The car looked nice except for the dent so we went through with the deal since it was out to get that fixed. When the car came back it wasn't fixed but I needed the car by then so they promised if i brought it back they would fix it at any time. They have given me the run around about fixing it for 5 months now!! The most insulting thing is that they are lying saying they never promised to fix the dent after me calling and stopping by several times in reference to the dent. I am furious they are backing out on their word to me!! They are liars and i will never recommend anyone to them!! They just want a sale and dont give a xxxx you as a customer!!! DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!!


Great place to get a used car.

Ash and Luis have great Customer Service skills. The owner of this lot was also great. Thank you so much for helping me today 06/14/2018.


Avoid At All Cost

Sold me a 10 year old car that they said was mechanically sound and verified by their on-site repair shop. The car had mechanical issues that became apparent after owning the vehicle for just 2 weeks. Their 3 month warranty did not cover any of the repairs even though the malfunctions resulted in catastrophic failure to the vehicle itself making it un-driveable. Also, just before we closed the deal i attempted to open the car's trunk and found it would not open and was inoperable. The salesman, Louis, made a verbal handshake agreement that I could bring the vehicle back and they would absolutely fix the trunk. Once Louis did research and found out how expensive the repairs would be he called me and flat-out told me the dealership would no longer honor the verbal agreement because "it would be bad business" to help me. After feeling like the big dealerships were not accomodating I went to Midtown because my family fell on hard times and we needed a cheap reliable car and some honest people that were running a local business. What I got was the exact opposite; a vehicle that breaks down every time I drive it and a dealership that accepts no blame for the issues and has no moral compass. A business does not have to operate on swindling people. Completely unethical, archaic business practices.


Great deals

I was in the market for a reliable car with a very small budget and Mid Town Motors managed to get me in a car that I am very happy with Thank you team midtown you guys are great...


Great service!!

Stopped by at least seven dealerships maybe one of them came out and greeted me but when I pulled in Midtown motors felt like I was at a family's business where I was very welcomed and appreciated and I ended up finding the right car great price I was looking for!!! Happy customer


Awesome staff

Staff was very helpful and patient. They were willing to do what they could to help you leave with a decent car. I would be willing to do business with them in the future



I bought a car from here I absolutely love it. It was my dream car and i finally have it. Do to me being a first time buyer i was having trouble getting a car but they helped me threw the whole process it was fast and easy and i walked away with a car that night. Very friendly staff and great people. Very very happy with my purchase and with the customer service of midtown moters.


Flexing in my new/ used flex

Enjoying my used vehicle!! The staff is very friendly and prompt.. My whole process if buying was smooth and fast. Would recommend anyone looking for great cars and service to come visit these guys at midtown motors and you will not be disappointed.


Fair and Honest

I was looking for a used reliable car for my wife, we searched through literally hundreds of deals online. These guys were incredibly nice and honest. I took the car for a test drive and drove the xxxx out of it. I asked to look under the hood no problem. I told the employee that the brakes had a lot of play, and it felt like it needed power steering fluid, and mentioned the interior wear and tear. The owner gave me a loaner lexus for a day. He explained that he wouldn't feel right leaving the brakes like that. In 24 hours he had a new master cylinder put on, put a new steering wheel cover on, new floormats, and topped off the power steering, car rides great. I got a great deal, would definitely recommend ! Thanks again guys.

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