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Bad customer service

My wife and daughter bought vehicle from these people apart was and still missing from top of vehicle I took it noback they denied to fix problem part still missing manager said they can't be responsible 2020 trax 6miles on it I took it in for first oil change I was first in line vehicle behind me. Came out first I was there for 2hous later the next morning I noticed her tires looked different worn on the outside not her tires her tires still had the xxxx on them like brand knew shinny so returned they tried to compare my tires to a rental car as though I'm stupid and didn't know what the tires look like these people are ripping people off mainly black or brown weman a car lots mechanics etc take advantage of weman you can clearly see the Weare on tires I seriously know they're full of xxxx I wouldn't want anyone to go to these xxxxing crooks

Dealer response

Thank you for taking the time to share your recent experience at Northside Chevrolet. We want each customer to be completely satisfied upon visiting us, and the impression you received from our dealership is not okay. We would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to amend the situation, so please contact me directly. Thank you. Mario Davila |


Extremely Slow Service

The biggest issue with this service department was the time it took for an oil change and tire rotation, 5 HOURS, but I have listed all the details below. Pros: - Service was completed - Service consultant was pleasant Cons: - Timing It took this service department from 10:15 am to 3:15 pm, 5 HOURS, to complete an oil change and tire rotation. I scheduled my appointment online and was told when I arrived that it might take up to 3.5 hours. I was not happy but needed the oil change today and assumed it might include something like a basic exterior wash for the time. At the 4-hour mark, I called the service department to get an update. After a few moments of not being able to find my car, I was told to give them another 1.5 hours to complete the service. - Price When scheduling my appointment online, the dealership was offering a coupon for $29.95 + tax. The only fine print, directly from the coupon, was, “Tire balancing, tax, and more than 6 quarts of oil extra.”. Since I did not see a line item for tire balancing or more than 6 quarts of oil, I asked why I was being charged $12.89 more than the coupon, before tax. I was told that prices have gone up and they could not honor the coupon price. If that is the case, the coupon needs to be removed from the website. - “Shuttle” I advised the service department I would be waiting there for my car. It was at that point they offered a shuttle, via Lyft, within 10 miles of the dealership. I opted to take them up on the offer, but just across the highway to the mall. At 4.5 hours, I ended up walking back to the dealership since my phone was about to die so there was no way I would be able to coordinate the shuttle back between the dealership and Lyft. At the time of payment, I see a charge for, “Incidental Reimbursement” in the amount of $5.67. I can only assume this was for the “shuttle service” they would take care of within 10 miles. - Lack of attention to detail When I received the bill, I noticed a charge of just over $22 for 2 bolts. I knew I would have to pay for the bolts but remembered the conversation advising it would be around $4 and change, per bolt. I had to ask why the charge was so high before they even noticed it. Lastly, upon getting in my car, I noticed in the 5 hours they had the vehicle, no one could be bothered to reset the oil life indicator.

Dealer response

Thank you for taking the time to share your recent experience at Northside Chevrolet. We want each customer to be completely satisfied upon visiting us, and the impression you received from our dealership is not okay. We would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to amend the situation, so please contact me directly. Thank you. Mario Davila |


Shady dealer

BUYER BEWARE....Bad experience with this game playing dealership. Came in with my own financing. Also knew exactly what I wanted. Didn’t have the car when I got there I had asked about minutes before. But had another car that fit my needs. Then said it had a dealer warranty package installed on it that was 2500$ but had a window sticker with everything described that said it was 995$ For the warranty package... but car was still going to come out cheaper than other dealer. Then after waiting 45 minutes finance manager was trying to pressure me into financing with them at a higher rate said we can’t sell the car at this price if you don’t finance with us. I said the other dealer only wants 300$ more I’ll go there. went to my car and salesman ran out and said GM would do it for that price. So I went back in and waited an hour. Told them cancel everything I’m going to the other dealer and had no problem paying more because of the games they played. I went to other dealer and they had me out in under an hour. Should have been a very easy sale as all we had to do was agree on price and sign paperwork. Very fraudulent practices.... If I could leave zero stars I would. I’m also the type that you take care of the customer I’ll be a customer for life. Super sad I had to leave dealer twice. Really wanted to buy the car but they were to busy trying to find ways to screw me over than selling the car. Just figured if I had this much problem trying to give them money it would be even harder to get them to fix anything if I had a problem.

Dealer response

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We strive to ensure an excellent experience and we want to learn more about what took place. Please contact us at your convenience. Sincerely, Dean Hardy|


Great service. Highly recommend!

I recently purchased a new vehicle at Northside Chevrolet and definitely recommend this dealership. The place was spotless and I was impressed with the huge inventory they had. I had checked multiple dealerships and Northside had the most choices which is great when buying a new car, makes it so much easier. I was very pleased with Ed Burgess, the sales manager, who made our experience with their dealership a great one. He was very helpful in taking care of our needs and for that we are extremely grateful. William Juarez, the finance manager, was also very helpful in taking care of our needs and answering all our questions. I highly recommend this dealership to anyone who is looking to buy a new car!

Dealer response

Thank you for leaving us this great review! We are very happy to hear that we could be so helpful during your recent visit with us. We look forward to seeing you back again in the future. Take care! Sincerely, Dean Hardy|


We got scammed for $7500 buy the finance departmen

The finance guy added $7500 in extended warranty and other warranty fees to our contract that we didn’t want. Beware of the finance guy they will deceive you


very shady

Worst experience i have ever had making a purchase in my life. Just make sure and look over contract thoroughly. i was offered a trade in and the next day it was (accidentally) typed up 1k less on the official contract. Was in agreement before coming in the 900 dollar protection plan was not going to be included but somehow was still on the contract.Then they brought out the wrong vehicle to let me take home.


Mixed Experience

I have been, and will continue to be, a huge GM fan. My latest experience, however, could have been better. For starters, when I drove onto the lot, I could not even find a place to park. I came in looking for a Texas Edition Silverado. Instead of being shown any Texas Editions, I was shown other models, one of which I did eventually purchase. The sales tactics were high pressure, which I did not appreciate, especially when I wanted to suspend the deal because I was not comfortable with it. I was asked several times to commit when I was not ready to. In order to make this experience better, I would recommend a checklist that a salesperson walks through with a potential customer with certain things they're looking for. For example, one of the things I would have appreciated is a dual air conditioning system, because my wife and I always want things at different temperatures. If the salesperson would have taken the time to walk through those options with me, I would have thought of that as a desire on my new vehicle. I am honestly disappointed that, when all was said and done, I was not excited about making a $30,000 purchase. I have always been excited to purchase a new vehicle before. The GM seemed much more interested in getting the deal done than making sure that I was happy. I also received an earlier email from the GM asking for my feedback, but the link on the email to offer feedback did not work. I will say that my salesperson, Fred, seems like a great guy. I did enjoy getting to know him, even if his sales tactics turned high pressure at times. He was very helpful the next day when he came to my workplace to pick up my new truck and take it back to the dealership to get the recalls on it serviced. That was a definite plus and one of the reasons I appreciate Fred. The Onstar feature was not working properly when I drove it off the lot, which was disappointing. Overall, I will probably not buy from Northside Chevrolet again, nor will I likely recommend Northside Chevrolet to my friends. My experience there was too mixed.

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