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This seller has been on Cars.com since December 2000.
Se Habla Espanol! For the past 28 yrs we have prided ourselves on being AZ's home for new Nissan trucks SUV's & cars pre-owned vehicles & Nissan Certified Service & Parts. Our dedicated collision center has established an excellent reputation for customer service. We look forward to providing each customer with a personalized experience that they will never forget. Midway Nissan is one of the top Nissan dealerships in the Valley and has set itself apart by providing the Midway Advantage on all new vehicles.

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(1,171 reviews)

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From a literal "bait and switch" (I received an email

From a literal "bait and switch" (I received an email from their general manager, espousing I could trade in my current vehicle for a new one, and pay the same - except that promised vehicle was "sold the day before" when I got there), which is illegal in many states, to high pressure to get the "extended warranty", to them not transferring my VETERAN plates, they screwed me in every way they could. They also purposely take hours (it was five hours there) to tire you out - tired people are more easily swayed to "just sign". They took advantage of this tired, crippled vet and should all be ashamed of themselves. But their not, I'm sure. They're the stereotypical car dealership and it's pissed me off enough to never want to buy another Nissan again. If their front end sales rips people off, starting with their general manager, imagine how bad the back end service center is. Probably goes by the old (bad) mechanic adage of, "if you can't find something to charge $1000 dollars for, you're not a mechanic." Avoid this place at all costs. And they should be investigated for the bait and switch tactics - but it looks to be only a misdemeanor in Arizona ~ meaning your government smiles, nods and looks the other way as dealerships purposely rip you off.


I wanted to buy a truck I looked at a couple days

I wanted to buy a truck I looked at a couple days earlier. I called to see if it was still there because I live an hour away. The sales man "Jacob" assured me it was there. I drive all the way up there the sales man is busy, so I get sent to another sales man and start talking to him only to have Jacob come and take us to another sales woman. She talks to us a few minutes starting the buying and trading my car in procedure. We stop her and tell her we haven't even see the truck again or drove it. She tells us to wait as she gets the keys. When she returns she tells us she's sorry but that truck sold yesterday but she'd be happy to work with us on another truck. I asked to see the manager, he comes and tells me ( he can see I am very pissed) let him look into it. The manager doesn't have the xxxxx to come back out, and sends the sales woman back out and says yes it was sold but they have a truck very similar and will work with me on price. The truck they try to sell me is 10k more and they want to give me $200 for my Acadia. I bought a truck at Bill Luke Dodge with a great experience and they gave my $2300 for my Acadia. After talking to several people thats common practice at Midway Nissan!

Dealer response

We’re disappointed to hear of miscommunication related to your sales visit. We would be happy to answer any further questions or address your concerns pertaining to your visit. Please reach out to Emily Hunter, our Customer Service Director, at 480-719-8981 at your earliest convenience.


Do not buy a car with them

This was probably the worse experience I have had buying a car. Kevin the sales guy was VERY nice but the finance department is AWFUL. I got the car on 12/7/2022 but wasn't able to see the final numbers because I got it late at night. I did sign generic papers and Tyler stated he would know in a day or 2 what my payments would be. I came back 2 days later to bring my other faub for the car I traded in and waited for about 45 minutes for finance department so that I can pay the $420 down payment. They were too busy so I left a copy of my credit card with Kevin and told him to run it that day 12/9/2022. Kevin called my 1 hour later and asked if I could come back to sign paper work. I let him know I just left, gas was high and I was going out of town. He stated that was fine. The following week I went back to Midway and brought in my paystubs as requested. Tyler wasn't there so I left it with Tom. The price of my monthly payment was too high so I didn't sign paperwork that night. I called back 12/23/2022 and asked for Tyler. I was told he would be in after 12pm. I called back after 12pm and asked for Tyler to which I was told he isn't going to be in today as someone made a mistake. The finance manger Tom got on the phone and I started explaining to him what was going on. At this point I was VERY frustrated. Tom says to me don't talk to me like that,. I said like what? I told him I was frustrated and needed help. He says well we have been trying to get you to sign paperwork for 2 weeks and you won't come in. I asked if he even spoke to Kevin about why it was taking me so long to come in. He said so when are you gonna come in. I hung up on him and called Kevin. At this point I was 38 hot and I told Kevin everything that was going on. Yes I was cussing and I told Kevin why. I made sure to keep Kevin updated with everything that was going on. Kevin said he would go up to Midway and call me back. Kiven called me back and told me what my monthly payment would be. I told him it was too high. His reply was well didn't you already sign for this amount with Tyler. I said yes but, I explained to Tyler when I signed the paperwork it was too high. Tyler told me if that was the case we could rework the numbers for something I could afford. I came back the next day saw Tyler and signed my paperwork. Midway Nissan sucks and they don't communicate with each other. I spoke with another lady who is a customer and she said Finance department for her sucked as well. If I had known it was going to be this much of a problem I would NEVER have done business with them. I HAVE NO INTENTION OF EVER GOING BACK TO MIDWAY NISSAN FOR ANY TYPE OF BUSINESS. DONE WITH THEM.


Never go to midway they are a scam they told me one price

Never go to midway they are a scam they told me one price of my vehicle and I got a letter from the bank and it was 8 thousand more than they told me. Never will I every recommend no one to this car dealership. They over charged me for a nissan and there’s no way I can get out of it and the bank is apart of their scheme the boss of the bank was laughing at me when I was telling her my situation and the sales people will write your information for it. As long as they get a sale they don’t care who it messes up.


I recently purchased a certified 2018 Altima from Midway

I recently purchased a certified 2018 Altima from Midway Nissan. When I was presented with the financial papers there was an added $3200.00 for dealer addons. These addons included $999.00 for nitrogen in the tires that wasn't there. $500.00 for pinstripes that were put on the car when it was new and showed 4 years of wear. $355.00 for a pain sealant probably was never applied. I refused to pay for all the items. The price on the window was $3000.00 more than the price advertised on Auto Trader online. I was told there policy was to price the cars higher than advertised and if the customer didn't ask about the higher price than that was there problem. The car had a hand sized dent in the drivers side quarter panel, the drivers side mirror was not the same color as the rest of the car and one of the fog lights was broken. They refused to correct any of these issues because I refused to pay the $3200.00 extra charge. When I got the car home I inspected it closely and found 6 .223 (AR15) bullets in the trunk. The car also had a broken motor mount they refused to repair. Looks like there certified used car inspection is just as crappy as there sales department. I will NEVER buy a car from Midway again nor will I recommend them to anyone!!!


I have been buying cars for more than 40 years, and

I have been buying cars for more than 40 years, and working with Jacob Hill was the best car buying experience I have ever had. NO games, straight talk and I ended up with an amazing vehicle. I highly recommend him to anyone buying a vehicle. A shout out to the fabulous service department. Mr. Anaya and his team were great and the gentleman who did the financing for me was truly a gentleman in everyway. What a change from my last experience!

Dealer response

Thanks for the positive feedback, we're glad to hear you enjoyed your entire experience throughout the sales process!


Buyer beware.

Buyer beware. We just bought a used car for my 16 year old daughter here and the car they sold us has tires almost 5 years old and we’re completely rotted on the inside. Firestone told us they should have never sold us a car with tires in this condition. As a result, my daughter blew out her tire, almost got into a serious accident. Completely disregarded the safety of a new driver. They don’t care and they are very unethical. I have heard bad things about them but they had what we though was a good deal but know I know why.

Dealer response

Chris, we are disappointed to hear about this as our vehicles undergo multiple safety inspections prior to sale. We want to address the situation further to turn this experience around. Please reach out to Emily Hunter, our Customer Service Director, at 480-719-8981 at your earliest convenience.

Consumer response

Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately we have tried to reach Emily several times over the course of the last two weeks and we are yet to receive a call back. The receptionist keeps telling us she will have Emily call us back.


Stay away from this place for your safety!

By far the worst dealership I have ever been to. I traded my Altima in for a used Jeep. The previous owner of the Jeep had just traded it in a day or two before I bought it. The dealership must have been so desperate to sell a vehicle that they never even serviced the Jeep. They even said it was gassed up and detailed and we could drive off with it but once we went to leave, and looked over it, it was very clear it hadn't been touched. There was still rain spots from a few days before and crumbs in the back seat. We took a closer look and saw that there was barely any gas, a front light was out, broken windshield wipers, missing winch remote, broken radio, and a chip in the windshield. They told me they would replace the Alpine radio with another and would have me bring it back to get that fixed and the other things but wanted me to dive home with it that day. So I did and on the way home it kept steering towards the left really bad. I told them this and brought it in to get fixed with everything else the next day. When I got my jeep back, the radio was a Jensen, not Alpine (much cheaper) no one even called to tell me that. When I told the service manager, she said I was lying and made up a story about why they couldn't replace it with the same one but then said she had no idea about it to begin with. Didn't even apologize or try to ask someone in sales to confirm. Then a week or so later the jeep overheated. Turns out there was no coolant. My windshield wiper fluid went out after I used it twice. So they didn't even check the fluids. I checked the car fax and it said the breaks were over due. They had me bring the Jeep back in and checked the breaks and said they were ok, just try not to use them. Really, try not to use them? Now my break light keeps coming on and off so most likely I need new ones. They also said they checked the air in the tires and every time I have left there is still one tire that is way lower than the rest which means there is probably something wrong with it so now I am going to take my Jeep somewhere else because their service employees clearly aren't even doing what they say they are and their management isn't doing anything to make sure they are. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this place for your own safety.

Dealer response

Kathi, this is disappointing to hear and we apologize if you feel you are not satisfied with your purchase. Our vehicles are inspected prior to sale and we do disclose the inspection sheet with our customers. We strive to keep the promises we make and we would like to see if we can turn this situation around for you. Please reach out to Mark Wylie at 623-792-2703 to discuss what we can do to help.


Corwyn, Carlos, Julio and Miguel were in outstanding and

Corwyn, Carlos, Julio and Miguel were in outstanding and great quality service 👏 from the get go, would definitely recommend friends and family. They made us feel welcomed and helped keep our numbers down a As well as extra protection for our 2022 Sentra 😉 Thank you from The Jinez Family 👪

Dealer response

Thanks for the positive review!


Corwyn, Carlos, Julio and Miguel were in outstanding and

Corwyn, Carlos, Julio and Miguel were in outstanding and great quality service 👏 from the get go, would definitely recommend friends and family. They made us feel welcomed and helped keep our numbers down a As well as extra protection for our 2022 Sentra 😉 Thank you The Jinez Family 👪

Dealer response

Thank you for the positive review! We hope you enjoy your new vehicle.

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