2002 Mercury Villager consumer reviews

$19,340–$21,340 MSRP range
side view of 2002 Villager Mercury
91% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.6
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Great car if well taken care of

This car is really great all around if well taken care of. It has a lot of room in the inside and good fuel economy. The only reason I don't own it now is that someone borrowed it and didn't take care of it at all. Overall a great car if it is taken good care of.


A Great Van

I bought this car for it's reliability as it is a Nissan with Mercury badges- owned it for 14 years and it's been all over the West and in the mountains for travel and work. Very few repairs- mostly normal maintenance. Great performance, style, comfort, and dependability. I now own a Nissan NV Light Cargo Van and look forward to many years with the new one.


Most reliable and comfortable car i owned.

It has a lot of room and is very reliable. I like the style it has inside and out. All my vehicle needed was regular oil change and maintenance. I put new tires and a new battery in it as well.


This car is a trusted friend

I bought a used '97 Villager in 2002 and drove is for 8 years; Not selling it until 2010 when it had 250,000 miles on it - and still running very strong. I then bought a 2002 Villager Estate with leather and a sunroof; It was a Florida van with no rust and 60,000 miles. It is now March 2016 and this van still runs like an absolutely brand new vehicle. I have a DJ business and it carries all of my equipment easily; Or I can pop the middle seats in and carry 7 people. It's compact on the outside and big on the inside. It tracks straight and true, has a tight turning circle does 80 mph at 2900 RPM while giving you 23 mpg. I recently drove it from Albany, NY to St. Pete, FL in 19 hours down and 20 hours back. It's quiet, fast, good looking, reliable, inexpensive to maintain and a pleasure to drive. Find a nice rust free example that's been taken care of and it will carry you a minimum of 300,000 miles in comfort and style. I've been driving for 50 years and have owned dozens of vehicles. Only 2 of those vehicles have ever actually talked to me; My 39 Ford Deluxe Sedan and both of my Villagers. Seriously, this car will communicate with you - on several levels - if you listen! Whatsmore, it fixes itself. The very few times that the engine or ABS light has illuminated - it has always repaired itself within a day or two of driving. Just treat it good and it will be a trusted friend for hundreds of thousands of miles.


I like Minivans

Bought my Villager Estate new in '02- Last couple to choose from on the lots as they quit making them the month before. This has been a great van- Not too big, but still held a lot. Never had a problem with it. Minor maintenance but that's been it. I personally find it among the better looking mini-vans out there for the year. My only real complaint is the quad seats can be noisy when not in use (some ratteling). Also the third row seat does not come out- you can only fold it up and slide it forward when you need more cargo room. I've had numerous compliments and even a note left on the windshield asking us if we'd like to sell it...


Excellent minivan! Undervalued

I bought my second Villager (a 2000) after my 1995 villager was totalled. I have been impressed by the durability of this van. No significant problems except a broken motor mount in the 2000. I bought the 2000 Estate and am impressed by how much you get for not much money. My 2000 has 120k miles on it, and is starting to rust a little around the doors so I am looking for a 2002 with fewer miles. Very sad they are not making these any more!


Outstanding Minivan

Amazing vehicle! Excellent performance, horse power, roomy, and comfortable. I'd recommend this people-hauler to anyone!


Awesome Van for the money!

Bought my 02 new with Ford loan 0% interest and hvae never regreted it. In fact, am struggling with selling it for a great deal on a newer car...will probably keep my van. Excellent storage capacity with seats removed and back seat pushed forward. Always has enough space to haul my family of 5 on vacation. Lot of good memories. Highly recommend


Very reliable - a Winner!

Did my due diligence and decided to buy my Villager 2002 Sport in 2006 with 56k on it. It now has 134k and going strong as ever, with only regular maintenance. Broken door handle (found replacement at a junkyard) and a ripped boot ($160 to replace) have been the only issues. There has been no loss of performance in anything (engine, electrical, handling, etc.) except maybe a little body integrity because there is now a slight evidence of surface rust inside the passenger door at the base. Excellent in bad weather. Ride is comfy and relaxed with a commanding view of the road. Fun to drive for a minivan and I still enjoy the styling. Both Mercury and Nissan deserve kudos with this product. I fully expect to turn this van over at least twice (200k) which means at least 4 more years. Only slight beef is that while the 3.3 runs forever, the fuel economy could be a bit better, but I've always gotten the same 18 or so city and 23 or so highway. She's been a very reliable companion!



We were initially intrigued with the Villager because it is basically a cheaper version of the Nissan Quest, but it has been the worst investment of our lives. We have had nothing but repairs season after season, year after year. We thought we got if for a bargain, but the cost of the repairs makes this vehicle worthless. I hate this van and would not recommend it to anyone. It is noisy, has brake issues, ac issues and has slow acceleration. It eats gas as if it were an truck. Very very disappointing buy. I am looking for a replacement now. I would never recommend this van to anyone. It may be cheap in price only because it is cheap in quality. If you want to spend your money on countless ac, brake and electrical repairs, this is the van for you.