How Do I Find Tesla Charging Stations?

"How do I find Tesla charging stations?"


If you own a Tesla Model S, all you have to do is touch the lightning bolt on the navigation screen and it will call up the nearest "supercharger" stations. If you don't own a Model S, or you want to browse from a computer, Tesla's website, here, has a complete list of current supercharger stations, as well as future locations.

The site currently shows 23 stations are open across the country. Tesla plans to add more, and by early next year have enough stations so Model S owners can drive coast-to-coast with short charging stops.

Superchargers are high-speed charging stations that in 30 minutes can replenish the Model S' batteries with enough juice to travel up to 200 miles. All Model S cars with the 85-kilowatt-hour battery have supercharger compatibility at no cost, while it's optional on the 60-kwh Model S. The technology for recharging batteries is proprietary — i.e., Tesla Model S only — so you can't drive in with a Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus Electric or other EV, including the Tesla Roadster, and fill 'er up.

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