2018 Looks Promising for Used Pickup Prices




The year 2015 was a good one for new pickup truck sales. Not only was the most popular pickup truck — the Ford F-150 — completely redesigned inside and out, but the top-selling mid-size, the Toyota Tacoma, also benefited from a . Add to that the debut of Nissan's segment-splitting , and the fact that the both the Toyota Tundra, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 were just a year away from their model-year 2014 redesigns, and you can see that 2015 offered new-truck buyers had many solid choices.

Now many of those pickups purchased new in 2015 with aggressive lease deals will be entering the used market in 2018.

Automotive News (subscription required) is reporting that some experts are predicting 2018 could be one of the best years to purchase a used pickup because so will be returning to dealerships or entering the used-truck market. More supply likely will mean lower prices.

AN also reports that some experts believe the off-lease pickup and luxury SUV markets could grow as much as 30 percent in the coming year, which means pricing will favor savvy consumers, but they'll need to shop around.

Smart shoppers looking at the strongest players in all three of the light-duty pickup classes — mid-size, half ton and heavy duty — are likely to benefit, but keep in mind new-truck dealerships also will be hungry to make deals to move out-of-date inventory, especially in the last quarter of the year. Shop wisely. image by Mark Williams



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