BMW Cancels CS Concept Production Plans

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The BMW Blog has published the sad news that the CS Concept we fawned over at the New York auto show last spring will not see the light of day as a production model. The BMW brass has changed their minds about the possibility that an ultra-flagship in the $100,000-plus range would be a good idea considering the current financial issues facing Europe and the U.S.

The news is bad for car fans, but most car buyers most likely won’t care. What’s worrisome to afficiandos is that BMW says it’s focusing on profit over brand identity in its announcement about the cancellation. We’ll be seeing more vehicles like the X1 SUV and fewer statement vehicles. The company also says it will focus on new technology, which most likely means more efficient engines and refinement of its iDrive system.

Check out staff photographer Ian Merritt’s BMW CS Concept photo gallery below to see what we won’t be test-driving anytime soon.

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