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Ford Sync to Add Ability to Upload Google Maps

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Ford will add Google Maps to its Sync system with the “Send to Sync” feature, which will allow drivers to upload Google Maps destinations and directions.

The feature comes just after Ford announced it will also add GPS tracking to Sync’s 911 Assist; this will be in addition to the preloaded maps that come with Ford’s optional navigation systems. It may be that Google Maps are increasingly becoming the standard way people look at highways and roads when mapping out travel routes on personal computers.

Launching later this month, the app (called Sync Traffic, Directions and Information) works with Bluetooth, so you don’t need a telematics subscription. Still, when most smart phones double as GPS units, downloading maps from your desktop to Sync (via a cell phone and Bluetooth) seems a bit redundant. We’ll have to wait and see it in action to make a final judgment.

Ford Brings Google Maps to Its Cars (Gearlog)

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