GM Demonstrates Future Head-Up Display

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The current incarnation of GM’s head-up display (HUD) technology projects basic vehicle information, such as speed and direction, on the windshield in a small area in front of the driver. Like a similar system from BMW, it’s expensive and not especially popular, but the future of HUD looks interesting.

In conjunction with Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Southern California, GM is developing an augmented reality system to highlight real-world situations and safety hazards in front of the car. Think of it like the yellow first-down marker that appears when you watch a football game on TV.

Using a bevy of sensors and cameras to collect data, the system projects images on the windshield. In the image above, you can see the system highlighting the curve of the road on a foggy day. It can also highlight people or animals on the side of the road — or in it — using night-vision technology. It can also act as a superior navigation system, pointing out exact road signs and landmarks.

This technology is still a ways off. GM has to figure out the best combination of sensors and cameras to create a flawless interactive system but also keep the system’s cost reasonable. (Let’s just say it’s no good as a $10,000 option.) Still, GM says it could have the system on the market as early as 2016.

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