GM's New Battery Saver Feature Can Save Tailgaters


If you’ve ever used your truck for tailgating, you know you can kill the battery by running a 12-volt TV, cooler or stereo. It’s easy to forget to turn off these items while you’re barbecuing and enjoying the celebration in the parking lot outside the big game.

For 2010, GM has quietly introduced a solution that will help ensure you’ll be able to start your truck after the party has ended. It’s called Battery Saver: Instead of automatically shutting off the headlights or interior lights after 10 minutes, if you forget to turn them off, Battery Saver monitors your battery voltage. When the voltage drops too low, the truck flashes “Battery Saver: Restart Truck” on the driver information display in the gauge cluster and shuts power to 12-volt accessories, leaving just enough juice to turn the engine over, so your battery can recharge.

Of course, if you’re looking for a longer-lasting tailgate vehicle that you don’t have to worry about pausing the party, you may want to consider the or GMC Sierra Hybrids. On a full tank of fuel, they can power the party for a full 2.5 days before needing a refill. The engine starts up and shuts off automatically, as needed, to keep the batteries fully charged.


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