Honda's New Navigation System: First Look

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You also can use voice commands for the audio system, which is similar to Ford’s Sync system. A variety of commands can control the same function like saying “Radio 97.1 FM” or “97.1 FM” to change the radio station or “Play song ‘Just Breathe’ ” or “Play ‘Just Breathe’ ” to change tracks. 

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Honda uses the popular Gracenote system to recognize artist information, which owners can update via the USB input and logging into a Honda owner’s website.

You can also upload photos via the USB port and create wallpaper for menu and welcome screens.

The navigation system is a $2,000 price premium on the Odyssey, which is right in line with past Honda pricing and the competition. I would say this latest offering puts Honda near the top of the competition, too. Nissan and Infiniti’s system is another favorite, as are the upgraded units in newer GM and Ford models. 

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