Jaguar Dealers Really Satisfy

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J.D. Power is all about ranking stuff. It doesn’t matter what you buy, they want to rank it. When it comes to cars, they even rank customers’ satisfaction with the dealership where they bought their new car. A surprise occurs in the latest such study. Of all automotive brands in the land, folks were most pleased with Jaguar. We say that with a smirk because Jaguar has just one significantly new model in its showrooms — the sexy XK — and isn’t known for overall product quality, either. According to J.D. Power, half of all customers who walk out of a dealership point to poor treatment as the cause, and that means Jaguar is keeping walk-ins happy enough to sell them a car, sexy or not.

Cadillac, Lincoln, Porsche and Toyota filled out the top five, but we’re giving Jaguar its moment in the spotlight.

[Jaguar Tops in Buyers’ Dealership Satisfaction, Detroit Free Press]

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