Michelin Makes Jump-Starting a Car Idiot-Proof

Jump-starting a car is one of those things everyone should just know how to do, but this is not a perfect world and incorrectly hooking up jumper cables can blow up your car’s battery. Michelin has come up with the Smart Jumper Cable that makes sure you’re doing it correctly.

When jump-starting a car, the jumper cable must be connected properly to the positive and negative terminals of both batteries, and the Michelin Smart Jumper Cable gives you an assist on this front. Rather than color-coded clamps, both clamps of the Michelin cable are blue, and you simply put one on the battery’s positive terminal and the other on a piece of metal.

Then an electronic box detects whether you’ve made a complete circuit and gives you a thumbs-up via an LED light. After connecting the second battery, the box automatically determines the polarity and changes it as needed. This way, there is no wrong connection.

A set of these jumper cables costs $30-$40.

Never Blow Up Your Battery with Michelin Smart Jumper Cables (Autoblog)

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