Pets Should Always Ride Inside a Pickup



Ford and the American Humane Association have teamed up to raise awareness about safe pet transportation, specifically in regard to how they ride in pickup trucks. "Dogs Ride Inside" reminds owners that by following some basic safety rules and using common sense, many serious injuries and pet deaths can be prevented.

An estimated 100,000 dogs die each year riding in truck beds and many more are injured, according to the American Humane Association, which offers several quick recommendations for keeping pets safe as they ride along:

  • All animals should ride inside the cab and never in the bed, where they can hop out. Even with a bed cap and specialty harnesses, you don't have immediate access or complete visibility.
  • Whenever possible, it's always better to have your dog ride in the backseat, ideally in a pet carrier and/or strapped in with a pet seatbelt. Pets in the front seats can be a distraction to the driver.
  • Although dogs love sticking their heads out of windows, they can be injured by flying debris. Eyes and other mucus membranes can become seriously irritated, causing problems as well.
  • Finally, never leave a pet unattended inside a vehicle, especially on sunny days. A cracked window isn't enough to keep them cool, and quickly climbing temperatures can be deadly.

Check you local laws to make sure you are acting responsibly within the law and protecting your pets.  for the full press release. 



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