Ram 1500 Gets the AEV Treatment


It's no secret we like what the folks at American Expedition Vehicles have been doing with Jeeps and Ram heavy-duty pickup trucks. The AEV Brute Jeep pickup and Prospector Ram 2500/3500 stake bed are some of our favorite all-time rigs. But the biggest hole in AEV's product offerings has been in the hugely popular half-ton segment.

Not any more. During our visit to the recent 2017 Overland Expo West we came across an AEV Ram 1500 called the Recruit.

The Recruit gives Ram's current-generation half-ton pickup a good suspension lift, more of a Ram HD look and the option to include several upgraded performance parts. But as with most of AEV products, it comes at a price. The Recruit pictured here lists for just less than $70,000, which admittedly includes just about every one of AEV's optional upgrades. The Recruit base package will add about $15,000 on top of a new pickup's price. photos by Matt Avery


If you opt for the bulge hood swap, your half-ton Ram could get a heavy-duty look.


The suspension offers a 4-inch lift in front and 2.5-inch lift in back to give the truck a level stance.


The key to the front suspension is this gorgeous cast aluminum front knuckle — with the AEV USA name included.


Although this looks exactly like the bumper designed for the HDs, this one weighs about 40 pounds less.


To date, this all-new wheel designed specifically for the Recruit does not have name.


The kit only works on Ram 1500s ordered without air suspension.


The track bar brackets and location is the key to making this lifted truck drive like a stock pickup.





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