Study: Teens Like Texting, Loud Music While Driving

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A study released today by Erie Insurance says most teens think they’re good drivers, even though a majority admitted to texting while driving.

The survey asked 2,127 licensed drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 about their driving behaviors. The most interesting results were:

  • Cell phone use among teens while driving is 76%
  • 57% admit to texting “sometimes” or to often reading or sending text messages while driving
  • 93% of teens play loud music when they drive
  • 48% admit they’re easily distracted when friends are passengers
  • 91% think they’re good drivers
  • 34% say their friends are good drivers
  • 97% have witnessed other teens take risks while driving

Now, back in my day there was certainly some loud music being played and friends on board, so I won’t chastise today’s fun-loving teens for that. The 57% admitting to texting in some fashion, though, is alarming, as is the 76% on the cell phone. I see far too many adult drivers performing poorly on the road with cell attached firmly to ear. What do you think? Alarming trend or no big deal?

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