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This Week's Most-Read Stories

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Our hottest story this week is fittingly our muscle car hot spot post, where we pinpoint the locations of greatest search interest for the Chevy Camaro, Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang. Nothing generates better buzz than giving away a new car, so we’re not surprised to see the Ford Explorer give away story at No. 2. The Honda Civic is the second best-selling compact car in America, so the traffic to our latest Civic review comes as no surprise. Rounding out the top five are an iPod connectivity comparison between three subcompacts and a three-way comparison between fuel-smart econoboxes. Check out our most read stories below. 

1.)’s Muscle Car Hot Spots

2.) Ford to Give Away New Explorer on Facebook

3.) Reviews the 2010 Honda Civic

4.) What Affordable Car Works Best With iPod?

5.) Cars.comparison: Which Fuel Sipper is Best?

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