Wireless Charger for EVs Actually Works

In the tech world, it’s called a proof of concept, which is the step before a fully functional prototype. In the video above, the concept we’re seeing is charging a Tesla Roadster wirelessly at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Now, we know you can charge small devices such as cell phones using this same type of induction charging.

The Tesla makes an ideal test car for the eCoupled induction charger from Fulton Innovation because it sits just 4 inches over the charger pad. The Tesla has an adapter fitted to its underbody.

This would make wired charging stations obsolete, though we wonder if the added convenience would outweigh the added costs. Especially in a segment that is already costly due to the high level of technology involved.

Watch a Tesla Roadster Get Charged Wirelessly (Jalopnik)

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