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shop elsewhere!!!!

Stop there the other day to look at a couple of minivans. I opened the door on the first one and it was filthy inside. Checked the next one just as bad. A guy came out named CJ and asked what I thought. I told them that they were dirty inside and that I'm not interested. He shrugged his shoulders and said dirt is dirt. First of all it was more than dirt, it was grease and other stains. Second you can't just armor all over things and call them clean. Third they were both overpriced for the mileage that is on them. Look elsewhere......


My Dealer of choice for over 25 years!

I've bought many vehicles from Bob, 7 to be exact, and sent many friends there as well. Everyone is more than helpful and interested in selling you what your looking for at a great price. Often the cars I ended up with more than exceeded what I was looking for or expected. If they didn't have it, they would find it for me. If there was anything needing to be done before the sale or after, it was scheduled and worked out with me, often paid for by Bob, even when it was clearly not his responsibility. I've always been more than satisfied with my whole experience working with everyone at All Star. Thats why everyone in my family owns a car bought from Bob. I would recommend All Star to anyone I know looking to buy a used car whether off the lot, or something you wanted them to find for you. You will get a fun car buying experience as well as a price that will make you smile as you drive your new car off the lot. Trust me, you will make All Star your dealer of choice too!


buying and repair

I recently purchased a 2006 Toyota Tundra from Allstar. Rob Abell was did my sale. He was courteous and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions and gave honest answers. I liked that if he didn't know the answer he asked the owner of the dealership immediately. What impressed me most was that after I bought the vehicle and drove it more I realized the brakes weren't working correctly. I called Mr. Abell and he had me drop my vehicle off to be serviced the following week. The dealership took care of the entire bill. No questions asked. Now I'm enjoying my truck. I fe as if I got a great truck in great condition at a great price. I hope to do business with them again.


Great experience!

Bought my last 2 cars from Bob. Both are excellent. The staff is friendly and helpful. When my Malibu alternator went bad a year after purchase, I asked Bob where I could get a good deal on one, and he called and had one delivered to charge. What a great experience. I know they have been in business for a long time, and I know they have a lot of loyal customers. I can tell you from experience that this is for good reason.


Horrible....Stay Away

I bough my car here. The situation was that if I bought the car here he would fix some dents in the car. He told me it would take no longer than 2-3 days and I could have a loaner car if needed. When I was told it was only going to be 2-3 days I figured I could get a ride to and from work for a few days. 4 days later I called to ask about my car. He told me he would find out and call me back. The next day I called again. He said it was in the shop and he will not give me a day when it will be done. The only thing he will repeat to me after every question is "We will call when its done". I asked for a loaner car since its taking longer than expected. He told me he doesn't have one for me to use. Now I am stuck with not being able to get to work and back and he can't do anything for me because the only thing he will say is "I will call when its done". No ETA nothing. Horrible way to do business! Also forgot to mention that when I bought it I asked about a slight noise that it made when you turned the car. He told me it was normal. After about a week it got much worse. I took it to a Honda dealer and they told me it was not normal and it was going to cost about $400 to fix. Bob (owner) told me it wasn't covered under the warranty and I had to fix it myself. I didn't argue because he wasn't much help with anything else!


Great buying experience!

I reccently prchased my second vehicle from Allstar Auto. My experience with the sale was great from start to finish. I love my new Subaru and I got a great deal! When i had service done it was completed the same day. My car runs great and I was very pleased with Bob and TJ. They were very kind and courteous! Thanks!.


Poor customer service!

Basically was going to buy a car from AllStar Auto, had visited three times about the car told owner i would contact him on Monday to let him know, called after I was done at work and he sold the car right out from under my nose. I know I hadn't signed anything yet but what has happened to customer service. I don't have a job where I can just make a phone call at anytime of the day, could have told the people to check back the next day so he could hear from me. Last time I will be attempting to buy a car from here!



I Bought my first Nice Car there (I thought it was nice) it was a 2003 Ford Escape. I have bought 2 cars from private sellers and NEVER had any problems with either of them I just wanted a nice car that I could be proud of driving around. I am a single mother and was thrilled to have something I didn?t have to bend over to get my daughter out of. I went to All Star because my parents bought a car there and it was a decent car (Also an Escape) I gave my $2000 down payment and filled out the paper work and they just wanted me to leave. they were very sneaky about not letting me see the total price. They kept talking in circles when we asked how much. It ended up being almost 10,000 for a 8 year old car. I wasn?t to happy about it but I was 19 and had my first nice car I didn?t really care I was so excited to show it off! And Bob was also quite pushy to get us out of there! I drove it around and the next morning I got in the car and the check engine light was on (Like they pulled the battery cables off to reset it so I wouldn?t see it when I test drove it) I took it to get it checked out and it came up something with the gas modular control (Same as my parents) it was like a $200 part. It ran about 2 months then the transmission started to slip I would be driving it would go out of gear or it wouldn?t go at all. took it to a few places and they said the transmission was bad and it was bad for a long time and that any mechanic that looked at it should have been able to tell it was bad. I was going to have to get a new transmission or get mine rebuilt. and that is going to cost me $2500 I put all of my money in to the down payment! I came home and called Bob he told me he was going to look and see that I should have a warrantee on it and he was going to call me back the next day. I waited until the next evening and he still hadn?t called me so I called him and he told me I didn?t get the warrantee so I am out of luck. I told him that it wasn?t offered to me and he said I should have asked for it so I am out of luck. I told him I didn?t have the money to get a new transmission and he told me I was going to have to get a better job like the rest of the world. My dad ended up calling him to see how he could make out and he told my dad to man up and fix it. So Now I have to pay for a car that is a lawn ornament that will only drive in reverse. I have to pay $216 a month for that car PLUS I had to go to another place and get another loan for another car that I am not happy with. So I am a 20 year old single mother and I have 2 car payments and cant drive one of the cars and wont be able to until tax time when I can get the transmission fixed. A girl I work with went up there to get a car and the car they were pushing her to buy was knocking really bad in the engine and had 190,000 miles on it and he said it was normal for it to knock, and they wanted $3000 for it! They called her 3 times the next day asking if she was buying it or not. This is yet one more reason to show people they are crooks! STAY AWAY and save yourself the money and the stress! You will just end up having to go buy a different car anyway! DO NOT BUY FROM ALLSTAR AUTO IN VESTAL NY!!!


Always a great experience

My husband and I have bought 4 cars from Allstar Auto over the last 17 yrs. we have been very happy with all of our purchases. They are great people to deal with. Always very friendly and helpful.


very happy

a great place to do business, our family has purchased 5 vehicles , always a good experience

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